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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. I just feel bad for Jaida who will now be stuck performing in Drag Race Vegas/Werq the World for the rest of eternity.
  2. She should be fine they already contracted condemned Gigi to that spot.
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  3. Oh I'm SO happy that Jaida won.
  4. Ru and Crystal kiki-ing about Crystal’s mum’s tits while Ru is superimposed onto a huge alien eyeball and Crystal is dressed as a (???) only to segue into a discussion about her dad’s debilitating illness, then back to mentioning Crystal’s grandmother’s tits..!
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  6. BTG


    There's something so right and joyous about seeing a traditional, black pageant queen winning this damn show in 2020.

    Even better that it's come without the usual narrative trappings that we usually have to witness be forced upon POC queens during their journey. Jaida was never asked to show vulnerability or take off the mask, she was authentically and openly herself from day one. She's been shady but never edited as the 'angry black queen' figure that the show relies on all too often, diminishing queens' talents in the process. Her Bottom 2 placement was not an attempt to rattle her, or undermine her confidence. We didn't have to witness Michelle wheel out her usual "Oh wow, you're really funny!" schtick to rebrand her as a comedy queen.

    She came, she slayed, and it was utterly effortless. Best winner in years.


    Stan excellence.
  7. Boy Jaida at home in an oversize hoodie and just a hint of stubble, I’m having a moment.
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  8. The tribute to Jacqueline was genuinely one of the most touching moments in the history of the show.
  9. A right queen won. What a great season overall despite all the shortcomings.
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  10. Yes. Yes. Possibly this show's best winner ever, but definitely its most satisfying for me.

    I have to say Crystal these last two episodes was kind of giving me... Our lowest expectations from the first few weeks of her run dd.
  11. Jaida Excellence Hall effortlessly slaying one of the best seasons of Drag Race for while? We truly love to see it. A legend. An icon.
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  12. I haven’t watched it but I’m so glad Jaida won
  13. All three were fantastic and my favourite three all season. Jaida was incredible and deserves that crown - a truly effortlessly beautiful, humble and flawless queen. I adore her.

    And thank god Heidi got Miss Congeniality. There wasn’t any other option.
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  14. Maybe I’m just feeling fragile after the tribute for Jacqueline Wilson but Crystal’s Nelly Furtado lip sync was really...beautiful? Help.
  15. Kind of excited for Gigi on All Stars just for the fear she'll put into the other competitors, which is what the last two AS seasons have been missing a bit (although Shea will be in a similar position this time around). And I actually think she might be humbled a little by losing to Jaida, which surely she can't be too mad about.
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  16. I was here for either Jaida or Crystal winning so I’m so happy Jaida won. Also, so happy for Heidi being blessed and highly favoured!
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  17. From Jaida's pre-show black panther excellence, Widow's stars & stripes eleganza and both of them alongside Heidi effortlessly slaying the season while Jaida was pushing through with confidence, charisma, talent and a beautiful sense of style and movement, to all three of her lipsyncs cementing a well-deserved win, this is VINDICATION for all the years we have been denied of A'keria, Asia, Shea and Shangela winning this show and the mistreatment of The Vixen, Monique and Kennedy by the show itself and the fanbase at large.

    Jaida absolutely demolished her fellow competition last night and no amount of production trickery or format change could hide that fact. The camera was glued to her and editing just had to cut to her performances the most because they were mesmerizing while her competition was paid dust, especially during "Survivor".
    Gigi and Crystal showed great creativity employing imaginative props, but Jaida just needed herself as the selling point. Closing in on and backing up from the camera during her first lipsynch was perfect just like she was the only one who actually went down, up and beyond instead of remaining in one position during "Survivor" all the while selling the song's essence to a tea, pardon the pun.

    I am just really happy.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Jaida Excellence, yassssssssss! This season was a triumph.
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  19. BTG


    Ddddd I didn't know whether to scream or be moved. And I think it was the latter.

    Jaida deserved to win the season but the runners up could only wish to come out of this as well as Crystal has. Written off from day one, steadily improving, gaining more confidence, peaking at exactly the right time, great confessionals, and now she's forever the franchise's new loveable weirdo underdog. To think, had S****y stayed, we probably wouldn't have seen half as much of Crystal - or Jaida for that matter.

    She could so easily have prepared a lip sync to El DeBarge and catered directly to Ru's tastes, but instead she did that. Probably going to be one of my favourite moments in the franchise for the sheer CUNT of it all.

  20. Crystal's lip sync was actually stunning though. What an absolute moment. Gigi's solo one was brilliany too. Both of those doing more with an at home performance than the majority of pop stars was such a serve. Kudos to them for that!

    Jaida is of course a fantastic winner. From the start she has been nothing but flawless talent. Everything is executed to such a high standard so it's awesome to see her take the crown.
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