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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. BTG


    I'm not going to drag ol' Gigi Ray Bottoms any more than the internet has been tugging at her weave all week but the finale did highlight the limitations she can improve on before the inevitable All Stars run.

    She is a costume queen. That's not a bad thing unless you choose to take offence to it. She's been Dorothy, RuPaul, a pirate, George Washington, Daphne, a Heather, Goldie Hawn in Troop Beverly Hills, Evil Knievel...

    But is it fashion?
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  2. Thrilled for Jaida.
    The difference is Gigi's RuPaul and Dorothy looks were likely chosen to pander to Ru (she's said The Wizard of Oz is her favourite film), so it comes across as a very calculated attempt at winning Ru over as opposed to showing off her drag style.

    Whereas Crystal's are just a product of her completely insane mind.
  3. I would say I appreciate Sasha after outright hating her. Violet Chachki has always been a stannable victor.
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  4. Gigi wearing an archival Ru look in the interview and a Dorothy look in the lip sync in a bid to toss Ru’s salad and still losing

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  6. I don't like Gigi Goode, if I'm being honest. I found her to be very cold and robotic. When she put the boot into Heidi for her lack of make-up skills, that's the moment I knew she wasn't my sort of queen.
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  7. Bob is amazing but she had no competition and had to share a season with Robbie Arthritis Turner and Acid Practically Dead Betty.
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  8. [​IMG]
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    One of Gigi's best looks was directly from a Powerpuff Girls themed runway:


    The difference with this one is that it was a look that was inspired by a pop culture reference and made into something editorial and fit for a catwalk. Gigi's other looks are basically 1:1 recreations of characters or themes. If she did Daphne but made it fashion, she wouldn't get the costume label. Though again, a costume queen is only offensive if you want to take it that way.
  10. I think she see's it as lesser. If she came in owning that she's a costume queen, then I think she would've endeared herself a lot more - Especially since her mother did a great job making them.
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  11. I agree. Violet is the ONE for me. I can’t wait to see Jaida’s winner trajectory.
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  12. Jaida Essence-of-beauty-kindness-and-grace Hall spends her first day as a new reigning queen honouring her season 12 sisters like the class act she is.

    And yet, people still feel the need to spew their poison.
    What even is this fanbase?!
  13. Violet is one of those queens that really proved her worth when she got the crown, she is, alongside Raja, the ultimate drag fashion queen, it's just a bit of a shame that season 7 had such a bizzarre editing and terrible challenges (which was a shame for the rest of the cast too, because the majority of them are such interesting and talented queens), because she deserved more to be fair

    I am sure Jaida's reign will be amazing, she truly deserved it, she served amazing looks (the Purple look is one of the best outfits, if no the best, from her season and on Drag Race), is a fierce, fierce, fierce performer and is funny and charismatic, I am so happy she won, the fanbase, sadly remains trash, it's actually quite sad to think about how this show was on the first seasons vs how it is now (even though stuff like the whole Raven was robbed narrative started quite early on...)
  14. They should impose a rule that immediately disqualifies any queen that mimics or attempts to mimic playing a musical instrument during a lip sync - no exceptions (not even, and it pains me to say it, Heidi playing the bongos during Kill the Lights).

    The lip sync would be interrupted as soon as it happened and the offending queen asked to leave the stage, allowing her competitor to complete the lip sync.

    In a virtual lip sync scenario, the offending queen’s feed would just be cut off as soon as it happened (which would have spared us the vast majority of Gigi’s finale Wizard of Oz cosplay).
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  15. This
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  16. I just set-up my recorder for next week and noticed there's also an Untucked episode listed? Did we know that already?
  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Aquaria’s personal growth on social media has been wonderful to witness, if I’m honest.
  18. BTG


    This Britney erasure!

  19. I know I probably shouldn't have with all the uncertainty of lockdown, but I've just booked tickets for Crystal's UK tour and I'm so excited.
    I haven't had a chance to catch a drag show since I moved to Nottingham, but I plan on letting her rob me blind.
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  20. Cosplay on the runway should be a marriage of a characters iconic traits and a queens stylistic flair. Crystal executed that perfectly with her Freddy Kruger and Sesame Street look but Gigi's Daphne lacked flavor! Like... where were the Scooby Snacks? A magnifying glass? Keys to the Scoob Mobile?


    You just know if Aquaria or Violet were tasked with that it would HIT different. And Crystal would do a high femme version of Fred dddd
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