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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

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  2. wow, I'm just so happy. My favorite winner in a while, probably since season 6 even. And Miss Congeniality too ... what a night. And for not being the biggest Crystal fan, she came through last night and I'm slightly converted. And the timing of this (h)all in America.

    We were such a happy mess.
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  3. Jaida knocked it out the park, oh my god. That song choice! I was hollering and whooping. I honestly laughed myself off the sofa at Crystals first lip sync. The regurgitation, it killed me!!!! That’s herstory right there. And the Piñata outfit, whew.

    Gigi was just not doing it for me on any front.
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  4. Jaida is such a deserving winner. She has effortlessly bodied a season where she was never a producer favourite and seeing her reaction to winning made me really emotional. Her lip syncs in the finale also made me wish we had got more Jaida lip syncs this season - two isn't enough! Particularly the way she killed the Kelly verse of 'Survivor'. TALENT.

    Gigi should have saved the "name something" jumpsuit for her inevitable All Stars entrance look. I'm so baffled as to what happened to her this season - from the first episode she had so much potential with a great rap verse and four brilliant looks (her Spring mini-challenge runway is one of my favourites of the season) but as the season progressed everything just got so uninspired and unexciting. She's obviously a very talented drag queen though, and I hope she can grow from this season for that eventual AS run - although I also think she'd be a very compelling villain.

    Crystal is perfect and I've loved seeing her embrace her weirdness as the season went on and post-season with the love she's got from the fanbase. Her and Jaida were thee fashion queens of the season and things like the Freddy Kreuger runway, the Nick Cave purple look, and that makeover are in the pantheon of best Drag Race runways. Even her more traditional looks like the Frozen runway stuck with me just out of her eye for fashion and ability to put together a cohesive look from various pieces. I can't wait to see her on All Stars.
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  5. Crystal's Frozen runway was my favourite of the season I think.
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  6. I think this is kind of the core of what "went wrong" for Gigi this season. She treated the competition like a logic problem, a math problem that had a defined answer. She planned everything with precision, but it showed throughout. It was very much "what represents the brief best?", rather than "What represents me best?". Her looks became costumey because they were all about what the source was, and not about who Gigi is.

    And I have to say, it's a shame. I didn't massively rate much she did on the show, outside of her I'm That Bitch verse and Snatch Game. But I've seen stuff like her more genderfuck drag, and her Queen Kong performance. That Gigi would have been a lot more interesting to watch.

    I think it's a problem we're seeing more and more, with queens that watched the show before they started doing drag, where they think there's a specific formula to winning (Miz Cracker, Blair, Yvie at times, for example knowing she'd get the "show me glamour" critique, and pivoting to avoid it, but doing in the exact wrong challenge).
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  8. RainOnFire

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    Jaida winning has brought such an intense relief, I can't quite put it into words... I'm just so, so happy. She deserves it so much, and it still feels insane to me that my favourite queen since Day 1 actually took home the crown, which I feel like hasn't happened in years. (Aquaria was very much deserving of the crown and I'm glad she won, she just wasn't my #1 from the beginning the way Jaida was for this season. Every other winner since Bob has been less than desired to say the least).

    There's just something so triumphant about her winning with sheer skill, talent, and starpower without having to resort to any games. I'm not saying strategy is a bad thing, but it does feel good to have her win over someone who was so meticulous about following the rulebook that she thought she was owed the win for that reason. Jaida showed up, did what she came to do, and thankfully emerged victorious. I love her so much and I'm so happy.

    Also shoutout to Crystal who remains a beacon of light (the piñata look - I screamed) alongside Heidi. They are two of the most pure, genuine souls to have been on the show.
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  9. You've summed this up perfectly.

    Everything Gigi did felt produced, there was no authenticity about her. She was so calculated and it was obvious.

    I'm overjoyed Jaida won. I adore her, my favourite winner since Bianca. She turned it out and I'm so proud of her. QUEEN.
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  10. You’re doing a bit much, sweetie.
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  11. Rupaul is the cosplay queen of the season, who knew.


    Gigi won the close up, Crystal annihilated the self-produced and Jaida won the final lipsync.
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  12. Willing a Beyonce or Kelly or Michelle response into the universe for Jaida.

    Sis really morphed into Fate’s Offspring.
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  13. Gigi's "Take On Me" was the highlight of the night for me, but yes yes yes Jaida deserved the season win.
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  14. The photographer: "All the worst winners on the floor please!"

  15. Derrick's entrance on S8 was cute. This is the definition of CRINGE.
  16. Can I just say now that Gigi had NO right winning the ball challenge her look was basically

    Jaida clearly deserved that win.
  17. I hope future queens saw how much the public took to the queens who just radiated genuineness (Jaida, Heidi and Crystal) and go for that angle instead of 'calculated'.
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  18. I liked Gigi more than most but I feel that her problem was that she’s a creative queen with no actual creativity. She has a great eye for style and references but she doesn’t do anything to them to really elevate it make it her own.

    She’s gonna be unstoppable in like All Stars 7 or 8 but she’s courted the strangely intrusive obsessive teen girl and basic white twinks sections of fanbase so I have no choice but to hate her.
  19. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Reminds me of this

    Said..."someone said I'm not a designer and just a seamstress!" So I...took their concept and simply...remade it!

    Sounds like a seamstress to me.
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