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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. RainOnFire

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    She also had no business winning the Madonna challenge, which she essentially won because she looked like Madonna, not to mention her runway look that week was a piece of fabric. And let's not forget the completely arbitrary win that was handed to her in the final week which was the biggest farce of them all.

    I don't want to say Gigi is a bad queen, I suppose she's technically proficient, but the way the producers attempted to manipulate the viewers into thinking she was so far above the other girls ended up with all of her deficiencies being highlighted instead. Not only were her wins rarely deserved, but there were multiple instances where she should've been in the bottom 2 and was declared safe instead.

    And on that note, I haaate that she's in Shea's company of having 4 wins with no crown, considering Shea's run couldn't be further from Gigi's. Shea legitimately demolished the competition on her season and the crown being robbed from her was a literal sham. Gigi can't relate, and I'm already dreading the inevitable attempts to draw parallels between the two of them.
  2. Jaida might be my favourite winner ever which may be a wild thing to say but she's just so talented, stunning and endlessly likeable. Crystal, Widow and Heidi for All Stars 6 please.
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  3. That is amazing!!! She deserves so much
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  4. Ok here is how the season should've gone with the wins:
    I'm That Bitch: Widow V Gigi
    You Don't Know Me: Jan V Jaida
    World's Worst: Heidi
    The Ball Ball: Jaida
    Gay's Anatomy: Sh*rry
    Snatch Game: Gigi
    Madonna The Rusical: Gigi
    Droop: Heidi
    Choices 2020: Jaida
    Superfan Makeover: Crystal
    One-Queen Show: Crystal (in this reality Jaida sends home Sh*rry, not Heidi)
    Viva Drag Vegas: Jaida

    Then we head into the final four with Heidi (2), Gigi (2), Crystal (2) & Jaida (4).
    Jaida wins and everyone is happy.

  5. This may have already been posted but if you have time I HIGHLY recommend listening to Bob and Peppermint's latest video. They break down the current reactions to protests on police brutality and why choosing to not say Black Lives Matter isn't acceptable.
  6. I'm so glad that Jaida got to experience some sort of fanfare! She truly embodies CUNT like few other queens do, even amongst the Drag Race winner's circle. Her win is very much deserved and fuck those gays in the fanbase for downplaying her win to tokenism because of what's happening in America right now.
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  7. Mr.Arroz

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    YES! That's why I posted about Aquaria, because she addressed this in her tweets. She learned a lot from her experiences with The Vixen, and just plain being from NYC itself.

    Also can we talk about how Peppermint's best look was her...entrance ddd

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  8. I never get emotional about stuff like this but she’s been such a bright light in the midst of so much pain and carried herself with so much grace, beauty, inspiration, and compassion.

  9. Mr.Arroz

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    Lest we never forget


    I can't ever deny her. She changed my life.​
  10. To be fair to Yuhua, that's a thousand times better than anything sponge related that Monet wore on Season 10 and AS4.
  11. BTG


    Asia is such a joy.
  12. I look forward to Gigi having a Phi Phi style snap and crash and burn on an All Stars. It will be delicious.

  13. This is so wholesome.
  14. Jaida’s win was such a deserved delight. And Heidi’s honor was a true achievement.

    Sometimes there is justice.
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  15. Next: Shea winning All Stars.
  16. So great! Last week's BlackGirlMagic showcase was sensational.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Jaida Excellence Hall!
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  18. This is how you do a reveal. I didn’t think a reveal was still able to surprise and delight me in 2020, but Jaida did the damn thing. Simple, clever, and perfectly executed. This is up there with Roxxxy and Sasha in terms of gag-worthy reveals.
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  19. This is precious.
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