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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. No shade but that Queen Kong performance has the same problems as her run on the show. It's a naive queen's idea of what passes as a "punk" performance. Compare to Crystal's I'm Like a Bird performance and the shortcomings are clear. She knows how to dress up, but I don't think she really gets drag.
  2. Why is there pretty much zero videos of Gigi performing pre-filming Drag Race, aside from that Queen Kong performance? (albeit, i haven't dug through her instagram) Did she just do looks and never perform or is there just no video of it?

    I'm very curious the type of shows she frequently performed in, if any. I'm curious to see what her closest drag friend's styles of drag were/are.

    She was trying to be an instagram boy-in-makeup (Excuse the term, I'm not sure if she doesn't claim masculine pronouns and such anymore?) before starting drag. Then she got sucked into drag. So honestly the claim that she doesn't "get" drag makes a lot of sense. I think she hasn't had time to sit and really decipher the question "Why do I do drag? What does this mean to me and what do I want it to mean to the people who view me?" - and this is a question a lot of younger queens don't figure out. Hell, I've been doing drag 5 years and it wasn't until last year that I unpacked for myself... Why do I do this, and why MUST I do this.
    She needs to figure it out because "I want to wear my mom's designs and get some Likes on Instagram" is not a real reason to be doing drag and neither is her slapped together "using my queer privilege to make the world better" nonsense.
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  3. What I get from Gigi now is that she desperately needs to know not only what is to be a drag queen, but what exactly is her drag. A couple years of studying, maturing, self discovery and touring with older queens, and then she'll be nearly unstoppable on All Stars.
  4. I need Scarlett on an AllStars ASAP
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  5. I still scream when I think about how she got mad about the oats.
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  6. I can't stop watching the 1999 lipsync.
    Heidi was fabulous but Jaida just absolutely nailed every moment. And that outfit.

    I'm so glad she won.
  7. Oh I love that! Yeah, lots of print options here.
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  8. Mr.Arroz

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    Kimora: I don't know, I don't write!
    Derek: I don't think you read either

    LMAO I'm sure Kimora is putting on an act but still I scream
  9. These videos are reason I warmed up to Derrick a bit, I hated him on drag race but him and Kimora are comedy gold together
  10. I’m rewatching the Book Ball episode and I might be in a minority here but I think it’s one of my favourite ball challenges. Kim Chi, Chi Chi and Naomi absolutely killed it. Also Derrick is so cringe in a really enjoyable way and I can’t wait to see her on All Stars.
  11. Today I am revisiting Yara Sofia in RuPaul's Gaff-In.

    Yara: "How do you let an idiot in suppence?"
    Alexis: "How??"
  12. Jujubee voice CREAM MY FAAaaaace.
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  13. AS5 starts tomorrow and I'm already tired

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  14. I personally can’t wait to have Mariah Successful on my TV screen again.
  15. I mean, same. And I'll be watching every Saturday morning. But I feel like the relief I felt after Jaida won is dissipating and now I'm starting to worry about Shea and I ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH STRESS WITH MY EXAMS
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  16. Jujubee?
    On TWO nationally broadcast television shows at once?
    It's Fagnificent.
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  18. Stream American
  19. There was a blip post show for a while but on the competition and in recent months Aquaria has shown herself to be an excellent winner of this show.

    As well as the content of this video she is also so charming racing through her delivery of it?? I stan.
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  20. I saw this on mute and fully expected Roman Holiday.
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