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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. I did think Blair’s runway was one of the best of the week
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  2. I really wish they would give us (the viewers) a set criteria of what the judges are actually going to be marking the queens on during the challenges. At the moment they just seem to plucking critiques from the air.

    Can Cracker just decide if she wants to be the villain or the victim and do it justice? Atleast the villain narrative was a bit more fun to watch. She is tiresome (I actually enjoyed her on whatever season she was on)

    Alexis and Jujubee are really the best part of the season and so enjoyable to watch. Although I wish Jujubee would give us a bit more oomph on stage.

    I feel like Shea is bit of an awkward fit with the rest of the cast. Like there isn’t anyone thats up to her standard to volley with her.

    I don’t know this season is just really off and jarring so far. And I miss seeing Heidi each week.
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  3. This is a reality show with a thin veil of "competition" laid over it, I wouldn't even say a thin veil of "legitimate" competition, because it's competition aspects are so blatantly not legitimate in any way.
    Their critiques are to drive storylines and narratives to make the show dramatic and "exciting to watch", not because of anything else.
    They can't give us any sort of scoring system, nor does one exist, because that would give us way different outcomes.
    Some weeks, for example, they make the runway factor into decisions a little bit more than on other weeks... Kind of just depends on the story they're telling or who they want to go home. So if we could see like a Runway score every week... They wouldn't be able to do that.
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  4. I'll never get over losing such an icon so early on.

    Having India's personality vaccum and Meh-hem's mediocre drag still here is dreadful production. Blair can turn a look on the runway, which is always nice to see, but I can't stand her embarassing talking heads persona.
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  5. I thought India or Derrick was the last minute addition? The tea this season has been exceptionally vague though.
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  6. What a fucking mess this episode was.

    No way Mariah deserved to go, over India at least. And I'm cackling at Alexis and Mayhem choosing Shea.

    I also don't know how to feel about Cracker. She does indeed say some incredibly fucking stupid shit and then looks like a deer in headlights as soon as someone clocks her for it. She's messy at best. But also, I didn't particularly enjoy Alexis going in on her. I'm confused about my feelings for her.

    And Blair is too much. The whole personna is so false. I mean when she's out of drag, it's just cringeworthy. It's like she's studied how to be shady and what drag slang is cool right now and is trying to do it all....but failing.
  7. Alexis Mateo is such a non-factor in this entire series. Her variety show was cute but she's so TIRED.
  8. Alexis and Jujubee are LEGENDS, I tell you. LEGENDS. They are not only lovable, but they are iconic television. ICONIC.
  9. Tired? In what respect? Because it's definitely not in the literal sense. She's giving us energy and magnetism every episode. She's a joy to watch!
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  10. Shea, Jujubee, and Alexis are the Top3. I can’t imagine thinking otherwise.
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  11. Jujubee's cat poop speech is the moment.
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  12. Meyhem Filler indeed.

    Also, Blair’s face expressions are annoying the shit out of me. She tries waaay too hard.
  13. I wasn't impressed by blairs runway... it was like a really bland look from each era
  14. The only reason I can think is they both come from the ball scene.

    It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Mariah mention she’s now a ballroom icon.
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  15. Mariah had so much more to give. Why not boot Filler or India.
    Cracker is really bad at acting like she's messy.
  16. I imagine most of them chose to boot Mariah based on the report card and were perhaps worried about booting a queen in India who had won a challenge. From the competing queens' perspectives it's the safest option if you're unsure as the moment you deviate from the report card you risk opening yourself up to hate from certain fans, not that I think anyone would have been rushing to hate on them eliminating India.
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  17. That lip sync was rhythmic wandering.
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  18. My issue with Blair has nothing to do with her drag, I just find her incredibly annoying and not at all compelling as a reality TV contestant.
  19. She’d walk her stilettos over your head without blinking. Tired, ha!
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  20. This take is JANKY, baby.

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