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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. I don't have any stronger feelings towards 'Snatch Game of Love' than I do the original (both need retiring) but splitting up the girls when there's only six left and it's not like there'll be a winner from each group, like there was last year, seems a bit needless.
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  2. BTG


    Snatch Game of Love also robbed Naomi of a rightful win due to having to have one winner from each group.

  3. Also count me in as an India stan. Not everyone can pillow princess their way to the top.
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  4. Welp I...didn’t hate the episode at all nn. The manufactured storylines surrounding Cracker are exhausting but the challenge was mercifully unscripted and Juju/Cracker/Blair were genuinely great + Shea and Alexis were fun by default. I genuinely think Jujubee and Shea’s combined presence on this season increases my tolerance to bullshit on every metric? It was also the best runway of the season.

    I’m a bit confused by the general propping up of Season 12 to throw this one under the bus? 12 gave us one of the best winners ever and had some genuinely refreshing personalities in Crystal, Heidi and Widow but it was a damn mess post-premiere until about top 7, particularly with the World’s Worst challenge being down there with Breastworld as a series low point and the judges consistently saving Gigi when she could’ve easily lip synced on three separate occasions.

    I know this isn’t the way everyone consumes each season but for me a great winner typically justifies a lot of the bullshit that a mediocre winner (Yvie in Season 11, Trixie in AS3) simply cannot reconcile even when there are great episodes sprinkled throughout.
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  5. Our only truly iconic moment so far from All Stars 5 but whew what a moment.
  6. Not JuJu's hair changing multiple times during the course of that clip. The devil works hard but the Drag Race editors work harder.
  7. Sarah Hyland was Honey Davenport levels of cringe.
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  8. Rewatching s11 Untucked. I’m just obsessed with Vanjie in every way! Need to be friends with her.

    While I’m here, Silky is one of my least favourite queens ever!
  9. Sis did you not see Shea all of episode 2?
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  10. All I See Is Ju (featuring mims).
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  11. C’mon good taste
  12. Not me thinking this actually was Trixie and scrolling on

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  13. I know the "Trixie face" is supposed to make anyone look like Trixie but she really looks exactly like her, it's ooky spooky.
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  14. Usually I agree with you but sis what? Sarah was easily the best judge of the season so far (low bar to be fair) and seemed to genuinely understand and appreciate drag as opposed to either coming for promo or throwing out canned lines like half the guest judges we get these days.
  15. Having rewatched the SheMZ skits, I think the only redeeming moment for me was:


    “Here’s a clap. Here’s a clap for your performawnce.”
  16. This was indeed the only good moment. Jujubee's Boston accent!
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  17. Top toot three weeks in a row and 2 shoots. Crown it!

  18. I loved Shea’s look this week too, at minimum her and Blair and Mariah have made the runways decent regardless of the less...compelling looks some of the other girls have trotted out.
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  19. I love Shea’s runway but it was not a shoot.

    Top Toot? For sure but it wasn’t even one of Shea’s best runways, never mind one of the best things to walk down the runway ever
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