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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. I was laughing out loud at Alexis. Brilliant.

    It was my question, dumb bitch.
  2. This is on track to be the worst Snatch Game ever. Return to the original format, immediately.

    Cracker is so lucky that India bombed a bit harder than she did. Left her less exposed.
  3. Oh my GOD Shea.
  4. fgfdssdf Shea referencing Sasha's Category Is verse.
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  5. What the fuck is going on
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  6. Nn wow gross
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  7. I'm sorry but what is Ru laughing at? Did he record these after the challenge
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  8. Shea and Jujubee were amazing but it's not even exciting to know who wins with India being in the bottom for the past 3 weeks.
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  9. Juju and Shea crushed that, Alexis had more one liners but I think struggled with her delivery. The jokes were there but it took forever to get to them. Cracker was unremarkable but I liked the affagato line. Boot India.
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  10. Lmao IMAGINE considering anyone other than India.
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  11. Oh RuPaul doesn't look like shit this episode.
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  12. Shea and Jujubee saved that Snatch Game a bitsy but 4/6 of the performances left me stone faced so nn. I don't care who's in the bottom.

    Blair dismantling the runway brick by brick yet again.

    India's tits looked... suspicious.
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  13. Nn Jeffery shut up this entire show trades in sexuality and genital jokes
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  14. Shea is just so good at this show. Like damn
  15. You know, for such a twist to the format that was an extremely underwhelming reveal.
  16. Ok this aged poorly. If Shea sends Alexis home it will be iconic.
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  17. This is pathetic.

    Alexis and Juju did great and are rewarded with a bottom placement?!
  18. Why does this show go for twists no one asked for?
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  19. Lmao Alexis giving that foreboding ending but not considering that when she voted for Shea!
  20. I'm screaming that the producers created this full bottom placement to pull this Shea vs. Alexis nonsense.
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