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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Dd I still think S11 is easily the weakest, closely followed by 8 but S11 felt like a dumpster fire while it was airing. I don't think we noticed how bland 8 was until after 9 aired.
  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I don't mind S11 but I can see why it's not for everyone. It still feels at least entertaining to me, even though it probably suffered from not having any real contenders and just boiling down to the 3 most consistent (Yvie, Brooke and A'Keria). The over reliance on Vanjie and Silky, the latter completely missing the mark in every way and the run of Scarlet, Ra'Jah and Plastique as eliminations doesn't do it any favours.
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  3. Naomi was already fierce as hell for a young queen and Chi Chi had charisma in spades, so I'm definitely glad they stayed over someone like Acid Betty.
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  4. C31AD12E-37BB-4197-A93B-B638F490D5BD.jpeg

    And I’m leaving the chat!

  5. Seasons 7, 9 snd 12 have the strongest casts.
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  6. rdp


    I love Katya's Pants on the Runway look but at the same time I'm surprised it keeps making these lists
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  7. If ever there was a "You need to get out of your head" edit, it was Thorgy's. I suppose the producers were hoping we'd see more of her talent and charisma rather than the paranoid, bitter mess we got for the most part.

    I quite like Thorgy too!
  8. Uno


    As am I - they both had great talent. It was moreso an issue of Thorgy & Acid being outlasted by Robbie & Derrick.

    A final 6 of Naomi, Kim, Bob, Acid, Thorgy, and Chi Chi would’ve been much better rounded and made it seem less of “the Bob show” because Thorgy & Acid, along with Bob, had fully fledged out drag characters while the rest of the cast were still in the caterpillar phases.
  9. Why is the fact that this was rendered at 144p sending me?

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  10. Screaming at Ru 'happiness is in your own back yard' Paul.
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  11. Blair's wig from last week / this clip is very Phi Phi in the two looks in 1 challenge.
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  12. I also did a double take when I saw the thumbnail

    speaking of which

    Is reality television at its finest
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  13. That orchestra hit when Shea covers her tits just before the intro starts...amazing job, editors!
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  14. Whoever out of Cracker and Blair that survives this next episode is going to seem so out of place in the top 4 with the others. Juju, Shea and Alexis are far superior queens.

    But I know white, skinny twinks that wear blonde wigs are like crack to the younger fanbase so I'm preparing myself to be disappointed.
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  15. Nina cracks me the fuck up. The caption.

  16. Seeing event pages for the Werk the Works tour pop up on Facebook and they’re scheduled for August. I wish you an ounce of luck.gif
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  17. nn the way the makeup looks more like a read than the caption
  18. Wouldn't that just be the Drive In Drag shows that Voss is putting on?
  19. S8 also had the good grace to remain a cute, bite-size gal to allow space for AS2 to absolutely swallow the entire franchise just a few months later. S11 felt like it lasted an absolute lifetime, and then... nothing.
  20. Nope, all the arena Werq The World shows are still scheduled for then.
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