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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. I’m bitter and I’m bothered!

    it’s not that I didn’t enjoy the episode but the judging was all over the shop for me.

    the clear highlight was Alexis’ garment. Even with the pool slightly on the wonk it was by far and away the pick of the bunch. I also think her character (although that should be like 25% compared to runway 75% in a design challenge) said some funny things that were paid dust.

    Shea, while she had a great week in terms of character and is clearly amazing, had the most unpleasant look on. The outfits she helped others do were more flattering.

    And Blair... I could have happily sacrificed but looked great? Carson saying that embellishment looked messy seemed leading to me.

    I’m bored of RuPaul’s Already Storyboarded Race. Just let the chips fall as they may.
    (I’m not that mad at Cracker winning she probably did do the best *on average* over both assignments but the minute I saw Alexis turn the corner in her cups I would have stood up applauded and declared her the winner)

    how dull that we’re going to end up with the fan favourite top three, even though I really like two of them, and the one hope I have of the apple cart disrupted is Blair St Clair in a comedy challenge.
  2. Yes it must have been hard for you to see Miz Cracker lose so badly while Roxxxy was ebullient and stunningly gorgeous.
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  3. Alexis Mateo has been THE star of the season for me, very very closely followed by Jujubee. In fact, I'm kind of rooting for a Juju win.
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  4. I don't hate Cracker as much as some of y'all and actually think that, on balance, a win for her this episode was quite fair. But the girl can not lipsync. She can't dance (which is fine, neither could someone like Ben DelaCreme either) but whereas Ben could bring the comedy Cracker can't seem to do that either. Her lipsyncs just feel like a lot of flailing around punctuated by 'comedy' bits that don't land.
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  5. At this point with every single challenge being a comedy challenge this has turned into Ru Paul’s School of Clowns.

    And the graduates aren’t funny.
  6. I'm not seeing enough love for the Puerto Rican matriarch Alexis Mateo Pacheco. Thank you for bringing three seasons worth of Pageant professionalism, stunning versatile looks, and CUNT behavior that isn't overrehearsed. We'll miss you mama.

  7. Jujubee's outfit reminded me of Beyoncé's song Lemonade, when she says "watermelon"
  8. Alexis had the best look based on the challenge so I'm bitter. Echoing what the rest of the forum has said, the judging with this show has always been all over the place. It's enough to give the queens whiplash how much the criteria differentiates from week to week.

    Blair has cute looks but has no place in the top 4 or in a stand up comedy challenge.

    And some of you do the absolute most, I love Miss Roxy but she had nothing apart from the ass reveal.

    Shea's moment talking about her dad and sister was genuinely beautiful, and helping the others girls with their garments, she thoroughly deserves the crown at this point.
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  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I also have to scream that NONE of the eliminated girls except Ongina have been posting their looks they would have worn. C’mon girls! Learn self promo! Use those outfits for something!
  10. There has been not a single good lipsync this season because there are no stakes. Honestly, revert back to the standard All Stars rules, at least they gave us some moments of greatness.
  11. Also, I don't care how hungry Blair I'm a Bad Girl Now St. Clair (dubbed by Alaska in the Pit Stop nn) wants the crown. Let's be real. If Alexis was half her age and rightfully won the All Star Variety Extravaganza or was placed as high for the Snatch Game and "I'm In Love!" challenges, her report card would have been even more stellar. But the producers want to keep the young twinks with no flavor around to please the straight white girls at home.

    I cannot stomach the thought of Kameron Michaels or Eureka on AS6. I think I'm at peace with this being the end of me watching this franchise unless somehow by the grace of God Nina Bo'nina Brown returns.

  12. Unfortunately I’ll have to tune in for All Stars 6 if miss Asia O’Hara comes back and that seems almost certain going by Aquaria’s post the other day.
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  13. Shea’s outfit was nearly a boot nn. The baggy chaps and the unfinished bands on the top piece. Where was Derrick to ensure everything had a hem x
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  14. Blair sucks
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  15. Jujubee existing in an alternate universe to the drama storylines on the show is hilarious. Every time a fight kicks off her mind clearly goes blank and wanders elsewhere. An unbothered legend
  16. I’m confused as to how Cracker won that challenge. Her look was good but Jujubee and Alexis were head and shoulders above her costume.
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    Everything was awful.
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  18. Whether or not you're a candle gay; y'all best be giving Mariah some coin.

  19. Nonsense. Blair should've gone.
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  20. Ddd not Cracker looking like a drugged out Shakira
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