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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. BTG


    The passive aggressive energy radiating from Carson in this gif. You just know Ms. Rexha was musing excessively in his ear all damn day with her hot takes and Carson had enough.


  2. I tried to choose between drawing Shea and Jujubee this week and then remembered I have no self control.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Yeah, also to be fair Shea mentioned on Twitter how we didn't get to see how attentive was Ru and the team with her.

  4. RJF


    Ru's been in a shockingly good mood this season.
  5. Willam would be my top choice, too! However, it's never going to happen... but he would be absolutely brilliant.
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  6. Put all the exiled queens from the US in a mixed Canadian/UK All-stars series.

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  7. Willam being on AS6 would be a gag.

    But would he get past the talent show?
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  8. The songs have also been really weirdly paired with assassins for some reason.

    Like, how was Juice used on a lipsync not involving Mz. Thick & Juicy herself? Alyssa wasn't doing the uptempo Rihanna song?

    Like yes, the girls would have shit their pants a little, but make them work for their $10,000 and the All Stars have been mostly shit in the lipsyncs this season anyways so at least we'd get half a good performance.
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  9. Willam fisted a guy while performing live on stage. If that isn't a talent...
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  10. Some of these opinions regarding the latest episode are not it. Honestly.
    So Blair is a void of charisma, but I would put her Darlene (?) character above everyone elses
    except for Juju and Cracker. And her look was honestly amazing and looked the most fashion-forward
    out of the group. There was definite nitpicking by the judges, especially regarding her hair. I think Carson said it doesn't look "wet" enough. It looked perfect to me.

    Y'all been saying that Blair kills the runway every week. She did again this week and she was right to be mad.

    I will say that - although I have a soft spot for Cracker - her look didn't wow me. It was executed well however and her character was the most hilarious of them all.
  11. BTG


    The only queen who was funny at the BBQ was Amburrrrrr and that’s that on that.


    Blair’s runway was fabric draped around some purple panties. Toga frat party realness. And it came undone on the runway. A mess.
  12. This and last week’s included some really out of character shots, it’s weird to mess with the format and look of the lip sync this many years in.
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  13. He’d probably try to give himself an enema on his hoverboard while singing about being on Boston Public despite production telling him not to.

    Make it happen @Rupaul
  14. Uno


    All she did was drape fabric over herself in a nice way. Alexis made a gown out of an inflatable pool and solo cups - THAT'S the energy you bring to a ball.

    The challenge was more than just looking good, it was about bringing creativity to your outfit and being resourceful. Blair used fabric to make a toga. She should've left.
  15. Willam's talent would obviously be knowing how to buy fucking shoes. It's a no-brainer.
  16. Honestly Bebe gave me everything as a guest. The cringe...far too much!
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  17. I honestly enjoy Willam's "BEATDOWN" series on YouTube. The off-the-cuff commentary is high key hilarious. Wouldn't be a stretch to see Willam do a standup act if he ever went near the show again which he won't. lol.
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  18. Between this, Season 12 and Drag Race UK, he’s been a lot more present, humorous and involved than he has in years.
    They must have upped his uppers in 2019.
  19. I’d love to see Willam back as she is one of the biggest All Stars to come out of the show, but she’s not a great lipsyncer.
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