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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. That twitter poster is constantly posting about having a cat but doesn’t ever acknowledge that having a cat is a privilege.
  2. I just finished Drag Race UK for the first time (even though I knew the winner) and for some reason I thought I remembered hearing that Baga was in the final 2 and I was genuinely so confused after Davina killed the last challenge. The Vivienne was good, but I enjoyed Davina more, even for that cackle alone.

    Baga had allllll the personality but her runways were absolute trash and I can't believe she didnt get read for them. In general I feel like the runways lacked in comparison with the US series.

    Sorry for being a literal year late to the party, commence normal discussion now
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  3. Divina was so good and would 100% have been a better queen to represent the UK. She's so articulate and passionate, compared to Viv who regularly insults fans.
  4. Actually Shangela's GoT references ended up being accidentally on the money. She constantly compared herself to Danaerys, who was ultimately betrayed by everyone after doing all the heavy lifting.
  5. I'm rewatching All Stars 4 and Valentina's Lady Bunny roast is ICONIC.

    Lady Bunny is an inbred pig in a wig. Can't you just see her now with a big juicy red apple in her mouth and Satan's finger up her ASS

    Should've won tbh.
  6. The fact that they tried to make out that this was anything other than a masterclass in comedy...
  7. It has been exactly 84 years since we haven't gotten Turn the Party or this remix of Legs.
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  8. Nicky Doll was robbed of the "fashion queen" narrative. Fuck G*g* and her Halloween costumes!
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  9. Ddd the "Let's try this one on for size" quote was kind of asshole-ish but I know this heavily European forum isn't particularly open to the issue of how the ability to travel in any way is symbolic of an inherent privilege to many poor Americans who will never have a passport to begin with.
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  10. 'Haha I've moved to rich country and you're stuck in tragic USA with Trump lol' was never going to not get dragged. And with sausage dogs to boot?
  11. It's an amazing example of what someone says and how people take it
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  12. I love her so much.
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  13. I think about Turn The Party tri-weekly and I can't believe it's just been allowed to collect dust on a hard drive in WeHo somewhere for five fucking years. The people were truly robbed of an iconic trash banger.
  14. Kennedy Davenport is a treasure and her dry wit is one of the best aspects of season 7. Her unfiltered hatred towards youth is...powerful.
  15. I just finished watching S2 for the first time and my biggest takeaway is that Tyra stanning Beyonce in basically every episode is a bit iconic.

    I'm also hoping to see some more of these queens back for All Stars. Jessica Wild in particular was such a delight.
  16. I saw this in some FB group and


    hasn’t that been the case for like three years? ññ
  17. I had such a crush on boy Jessica Wild... I lub dis drink.
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  18. They really sent Mrs Kasha Davis to the house for saying "wjëlcym" instead of "welcome"

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  19. They realised Mrs Kasha Davis was too powerful for a season with a predetermined top 3. When she stomps a future All Stars and the girlies are forced to accept there is always time for a cocktail... whew.
  20. Mrs Kasha Davis would be Mariah’d out of a future All-Stars.
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