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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. The fact that the tone in the last episode featured an air of, "GASP these YOUNG PEOPLE have no idea who Bob Fosse is?? These poor dumb idiotic gays!" instead of making an effort to educate the viewers speaks to how out of touch WoW continues to be. Not to mention the heavy featuring of Sherry, who is markedly unlikable even outside of her horrific abuse.

    Also I think Race Chaser is correct in their speculation that
    Ru's had a face lift, hence the scarves and hats Ddddd.
  2. As someone who knows very little about Bob Fosse except that he is a choreographer and does jazz hands.... I learned nothing of significance from the episode.
    This show would rather have extra drama than actually try to entertain in ways such as... actually educating on the person they're trying to have an episode's challenge about.
  3. For anyone (not so much here thankfully) not grasping how horrible Sherry Pie is, this article did a great job breaking it down and giving the victims voices. It gets more fucked the more you read. They really need to consider a ghost edit of Sherry.
  4. I saw something on reddit where somebody said they should leave the edit as is because it’s important that people realise that abusers aren’t ‘monsters’ in the sense that they’re easily noticeable and obvious to everyone.

    They can be charismatic, they can be successful, they can be liked and popular. People are taken in by them.

    I’m not sure exactly how I feel about that take but it did make me stop and think for a while.
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  5. I know, right?
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  6. I've a cousin who works as a counsellor for abuse victims and he pretty much said the exact same thing; it can sour the viewing experience horrifically, but some good can come from it in teaching people that may not be as aware, that the most monstrous people can hide in plain sight. In fact; the ones that seem the most normal are usually the worst.

    She deserves to remember that she did all that work to make top 4, only for it to mean fuck all.
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  7. This only works if Netflix are responsible enough to feature the disclaimer that was aired with the US version. Otherwise it’s a narrative being presented entirely uncritically, and there’s a not insignificant chunk of the audience who won’t have any idea this has happened.
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  8. It's a tough line to straddle I guess? I can see why highlighting the abuser as someone who's inherently talented and charismatic can be impact. But also the sight of her really takes the air out of the room.

    RuPaul's Drag Race has also never really stood to be a teachable moment, especially about a topic as bleak as this. If anything it's reveled in it's own host's ignorance consistently and probably isn't the best platform for something of this weight.

    There's also going to be the problematic gays who are going to stan her anyways and claim what she did "isn't that bad! I hope YOU don't have any skeletons in YOUR closet!"
  9. Either side of the line is a pitfall, I do agree.

    I'm very on the side of educating the show's younger and more naive fans, but I'm aware that every homophobe in the world will take this ONE horrible person's actions as justification to generalise us all as malicious, scheming predators.

    That being said, I'd take that over the problematic stans who "Separate the indiscretions from the artist", because that divides us in a way that gives the homophobes even more ammo because it shows the community as not-caring of the crimes another member commits.

    Sherry can blame her mental health all she wants, but one day, a hard lesson is going to hit when the ripple sparks a tsunami.

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  10. Sherry is only 27? Jesus Christ.
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  11. Wait. I missed that since I tried to look away whenever she popped up. I was thinking late 30s if I’m being generous.
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  12. They did edit any talk of her out of the official podcast, by the way.

    Netflix had better come through with the disclaimer this weekend. It's the very least.
  13. I genuinely thought very early 40’s.
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  14. Yes

  15. All it needed was an 'actually guys Beyonce did Fosse for Single Ladies' and everyone there and at home would know what was being talked about.
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  16. DragCon has been cancelled.

    I already booked a non-refundable flight but you bet your fucking ass I'm fighting with the airline for my money back.
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  17. You know things are bad when Ru lets go of coin.
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  18. A lot of airlines are being flexible with rescheduling due to the virus, if you wanna consider moving your flight.
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  19. I'm not a musical theater fag by any stretch of the imagination, but these queens should be required to know who Bob Fosse is. Beyoncé's been stealing inspired by him for years.

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  20. Emma Bottom did it first though.
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