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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Nn getting Aiden to play the ghost is some heavy layered shade
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  2. 2014

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    Looks like Crystal's going to be the one that has the invisible edit this episode ":("
  3. They're really trying to give Aiden the Pearl storyline and it's just not sticking...
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  4. Aww Jesus, gross.
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  5. I actually think Aiden handles the disdain very well and I also do like Aiden's mug quite a lot. It's like Wednesday Adams esque. It's actually quite cool.

    On an unrelated note, was Yara Sofia a better look queen than every contestant to appear on the show? I'm only noticing on my rewatch.
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  6. I think she got some really cool outfits, but she could have edited herself a bit and those lenses really cheapened her looks
  7. Hate them... both?
    I understand Trixie is a controversial character, but there was actually a moment in which you hated Katya Zamolodchikova? Does your evil truly know no bounds?

    And speaking of, you should check out their Netflix reaction series on YouTube, it’s as good as Unhhh even without the editing. This one had me in tears.

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  8. No.
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  9. Her drag is from 1986
  10. Just a reminder- this is SIX YEARS before she was born. (Still can't get over the "I have fought for trans people before you were born" thing. What age does she *think* she is?)
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  11. I thought The Vivienne was like 35.
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  12. I thought The Vivienne was 40.
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  13. I actually love this style of drag, it’s quintessentially British. The Viv’s trash views and massive chip on her shoulder takes away from it, though.
  14. That's why I don't like it
  15. I was guessing that or higher.
  16. So season 12 has had Laugh Out Loud runway commentary so far!

    The best in a while!
  17. I don't think about the Vivienne.
  18. It’s almost enough to distract from the absolutely horrendous judging this season!
  19. Me, but with every queen after a series of Drag Race ends.
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  20. I was being hyperbolic to get a rise out of people (quarantine related) but... Yara was really quite good and I didn't notice the first time around.
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