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RuPaul’s Frack Race Seasons 12 / All Stars 5 / 13

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. I don't know what it is, maybe I'm sleep deprived, but I've been yelling things like "how are you gonna make it funny", "hey squirrel friends" and "order in the courtroom hunty" all morning. I'm pretty sure my neighbours think I've finally lost it.
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  2. This is silly as fuck, but I like it.

  3. I did always wonder about her exaggerated (and legendary) arm/head/body contorting to pull our attention from her lips in that performance.

    From the moment Coco adjusts her flower, I'm dead.
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  4. Keep eyes open kids, T suggests that we should be meeting the Season 13 queens today
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I'm cackling at the result!
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  7. Bob's a fucking treasure. The times when it looked like he was genuinely aghast at Crystal's total insanity during that video were absolutely priceless.
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  8. Crystal really knew how to play the game.

    She changed her make-up after the first few episodes to be more toned down after Michelle complained, to make it more glamour.

    Now seems to be back to the before the show.
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  9. This is giving me WHAT IS DISSSS HUNNY, but here I am stuck at home on a Saturday watching and getting my life.
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  10. When Bob was pressing powder onto her face. I LOST IT.
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  11. The clown music at the start!
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  12. First thing I saw was Vivienne and of course

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  13. Am I mad for loving The Vivienne? She's the sort of person I'd love an all inclusive holiday with and have her talk at me constantly. I find her quick witted, a great storyteller and giving big Pete Burns energy.
  14. That “everyone is a big snowflake” rhetoric she goes with sure is quick witted
  15. Ah. Wasn't aware of this - Thanks. Dddd add her to the pile with Baga.
  16. She's also been transphobic hun. Aside from the epitome of "white boomer" gay.
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  17. Baby I love you, I really do but

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  18. Gross. Glad to be educated on this stuff.

    Ever since we got regular with yearly All Stars, British, that one off Christmas special and the celebrity version, I've taken myself off the social/reddit aspect of it due to pure over exposure.
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  19. The Vivienne is in public how I always thought Cilla Black might be in private i.e. vicious and harsh.
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