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RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by aux, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. They're probably airing it earlier than scheduled because season 12 might not even have a final episode
  2. You'd think they would use it as a 4 week filler either after the write a lyric and performance challenge. Or like a mid season break. Just to buy an extra 4 weeks to maybe be able to film a reunion and finale within a reasonable time.
  3. So... what's the secret...?
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  4. I think the idea is they're doing it Masked Singer style where they don't find out who the celebrity is until they get eliminated... because the drag will obscure their identity? Who knows.
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  5. This is exactly what they should have done.
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  6. They better have some Housewives on here.
  7. They're in drag more often than some of these recent season queens, I don't think they need this hun.
  8. I need more of them on my screen, beautiful hen.
  9. Vanqueisha De House <3
  10. Great Episode, feelgood fluff it is but having it freed from the mainshow baggage and featuring these stellar ladies as contestants and real All-Stars as coaches helps a lot to alleviate the awkward format. Also, I cannot get enough of Jamal Sims, swoon.

    I wonder where the dresses come from though. Where these again tributes to Ru? Didn't recognize them. Vanessa's looked like Aja's remade Princess Disastuh gown.

    Also, Alyssa and Trinity looked amazing on the mainstage. Putting their All-Stars money to good use I see. Cannot wait to have Asia on All-Stars.
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  11. Miss Shenita Cocktail serving Keri Hilson, yas.
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  12. So did other queens do the makeup for episode 2, too?
  13. Gaga's dancer nooooo
  14. They showed Trinity painting her girl (while Asia was seen holding an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette in the background). But who knows.
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  15. Shannel commented on Vanessa's Instagram that she loved doing her make up on the episode.
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  16. Dang did they just decide to cut Shannel out of EVERY episode? That's really sad. I hope they release all of it like they did last week.

    Shannel is great. I get she's not like... a Drag Race winner or viral meme generator but, I've enjoyed her since season 1.
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  17. K94


    The first episode had me struggling but the second was perfect - the queens, the guests, the challenge. And Dame Vanessa Williams - imagine being fine, and good at everything your whole life!
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  18. Has this been on Netflix since last week or has it just come on this weekend?!
  19. Skipping episode 1 was a good choice. Episode 2 was pretty enjoyable.

    Who put Mama Vanessa Williams in that terrible dress though? She looked the cheapest out of all of them.

    Loni looked like Latrice with that dress and that hair though.

    And Asia's entrance line about butterflies made me scream.
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  20. I'm a Little Vanussy ever since The Right Stuff in 1988 but have to admit Miss Shenita Cocktail served better looks a bitsy.

    Loni's man woof.
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