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RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by aux, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Well Matt is a comedian and Dustin was in one of the best sitcoms ever for 6 years so I believe that they came up with at least some of their material.

    Then again wasn't it revealed that the "mentor" queens didn't even really do the makeup of the celebrities one episode and the queens that did didn't get credited?
  2. All of the episodes. Laila, Mayhem, and Miss Mandarin thpthpthpthp Shannel were the makeup team but for some reason got cut out of the main show.

    Dustin outright thanked her on his twitter ddd.
  3. The past two episodes have been pure joy from start to finish. I never thought lowering the stakes and enabling everyone to let loose would make for more compelling viewing that the main series...
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  4. R92


    I haven't stopped thinking about the Matt Iseman crop top photos all day...
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  5. Video too
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  6. Matt Iseman is a beaut.
  7. If they don't make an American Dad film with him playing the dad... I will riot.
  8. This might be top 10 Drag Race episodes ever for me. Who expected this after that first episode?

    Also - a Celine lip sync. Finally!
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  9. Me: I REFUSE to watch this lazy ass corporate cash grab and where are the celebrities?!?


    Me: stan Ms Shenita Cocktail, Rachel McAdamsApple, and Vanquisha DaHouse!
  10. Either him or Daddy Warburton.

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  11. The weight, the voice, the humour, that's both my Daddies right there!
    Plus he is the voice of Kronk from Emporers New Groove who services gay Icon Yzma voiced by gay icon Eartha Kitt mimicked by gay icon Valentina.
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  12. Wait. I knew something was extremely familiar about him sdsdfsdfg
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  13. Brb crying forever
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  14. Just watched all 3 episodes. It's great.
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  15. What day is the next ep out on UK Netflix?
  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I knew I clicked on this thread for a reason fff
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  17. Wait @ this episode having 3 of my top 5 favorite queens from the show.
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  18. Gagging at MADISON BEER and her gay grandpa anecdote. This episode slaps.
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  19. What the fuck is a wedge?

    Also, Madison Beer is so into vogueing right now!
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  20. Good for Ms. Kiyoko. He stan a performer.

    Now everyone go stream Expectations.
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