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RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by aux, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. I had no idea what Hayley or Madison looked like before this episode, but I liked them both a lot, and Phoebe. Overall this has been a cute idea.
  2. This literally got better every episode. They should've just canned the first one nn
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  3. What the fuck is a wedge?!

    A phrase I’ve been saying to my own mother for years with her god awful shoe choices
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  4. The first episode was at least validated by Jermaine. He was hilarious, adorable and made my eyes well up a couple times. A genuinely kind man!
  5. Vanjie was an absolute sweetheart to Hayley all episode.
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  6. Well then.
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  7. That's so upsetting.
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  8. Oop! She didn't seem to connect with Monique at all either.
  9. I think it was painfully obvious Madison wanted to be with Alyssa, and was bummed when she didn't. If you manage to mellow Monique's attitude on-set... come on.
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  10. Did anyone else get the impression that Madisons mum had turned up in neon gym gear and they threw a dress they had lying around on her?
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  11. Madison was definitely a charisma vacuum. I loved seeing Hayley's story. It was truly touching and her and Vanjie having that shared experience brought a lot of value to the episode.
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  12. I was underwhelmed by Madison’s drag makeover, it didn’t really say drag to me at all next to the other two.
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  13. She lowkey gave me Kady Z sabotaging team Rujubee in AS1. The runway make-up didn't scream drag, it felt intentionally toned down. I imagine it was her request considering Shannel painted her who is... not known for her subtlety.
  14. I can’t find that interaction on her Twitter so she must have deleted it but yeah, I can see that.
  15. Madison: can you go easy on the contour?
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  16. I’m still not over Vanessa ripping out her extensions, sis was ready for WaR

  17. Matt’s mug kept giving me

  18. I'm not surprised Maddison is a nightmare......
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