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Russian Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Crafty, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Re: Some Russian music you should give a try (IF ONLY YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO!)

    Via Gra were always cool, but you know there were like 100 line-up changes :D
  2. Re: Some Russian music you should give a try (IF ONLY YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO!)

    I love it, but don't really have a lot to listen to! I've listened to Стоп by Via Gra for far too long (it's really good) The Nyusha song is amazing! Y'all who have stuff up your sleeves, don't be coy! I remember the Russian Eurovision entry being beautiful too.

  3. What a bop.
  4. Polina is like my Russian Queen
  5. I declare myself the resurrect-er of threads.

    Via Gra / Nu Virgos / Whatever they call themselves now have a new song:

    Not bad, but I miss when they were more balls to the wall

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  6. Anybody know any more recent Russian pop that is like these songs? Cold, moody, etc.

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  7. You're welcome!


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  9. One of the best songs of the 2010's.

    Don't @ me.
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  11. SEREBRO stays winning

  12. Actually the group has disbanded and it’s a good thing. It was painful to watch how the great russian girls band turning into a mess.
  13. But they released a single two weeks ago?

  14. I only like this song in this band, but the song is wonderful

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