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Russian Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Crafty, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Lena-Olya-Nastya is always be an iconic line up. It’s like DNA of the band. Yeah, no one cares about them now. It’s kinda Sugababes “Sweet 7” era situation.
  2. She’s actually done with her solo thing (It flopped so hard) and back to Vintage. So I pray for a decent bops.
  3. I love Devochki lunatiki and Delay mne bolno

  4. This came today at shuffle and it's quite catchy except that awful vocoder
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  5. I don't know why the thumbnail reminded me of

  6. Found some really cool Dark Pop/Indietronica yesterday thanks to Instagram.
    I know nothing about the artist though.

  7. Aljona Visotskaja

  8. она огрызнулась [​IMG]
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  10. A wonderful song


  11. Very good!
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  12. Serebro is back with their new lineup and a new song.

    Surprise! It's shit.
    The chorus isn't too bad, but meh.
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  13. Ugh, I wish the original lineup (or, well... one that still included Olga or Elena) went back together.
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  14. Luna has released two new tracks from her new album Trance (out September) and of course they're great.

    Дельфины (Dolphins) in particular may be one of her best yet.
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  15. That Dolphins song!!!


    ddddddd the first comment

    Хореограф: Как будем танцевать?
    Луна: Да

    Choreographer: How are we gonna dance?
    Luna: Yes
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  16. MARUV is incredible.
    Love her songs and videos.
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