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Ruth Lorenzo - Planeta Azul (debut Spanish album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DoggySwami, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. RAV


    She is amazing
  2. New single “Good Girls Don’t Lie” is out now.
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  3. Good Girls Don't Lie is great! No official video yet but here's a live a capella performance by Ruth

  4. This album is incredible! Planeta Azul, Gigantes, and Renuncio are the holy trinity.

    Can't wait to hear Good Girls Don't Lie properly, sounds promising!
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  5. Video's out!

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  6. She has the voice.
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  7. Big fan of Ruth, but the new single is rather repetitive. Anyway, hope she does an English album soon
  8. New album Loveaholic is out 9th March
    New single My Last Song is out now


    01 Bring Back the New
    02 Good Girls Don’t Lie
    03 The First Man
    04 Ride
    05 Loveaholic
    06 My Last Song
    07 Bodies
    08 Moscas Muertas
    09 Freaks
    10 Spanish Guitar
    11 Another Day (feat. Jeff Black)
    12 Amancer
  9. Not Alexandra and Ruth both getting albums out in 2018. When will the GP’s flop X Factor faves?
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  10. This is excellent news! Time for a new thread?
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  11. It seems very English heavy, I would prefer if it was 50/50 because she sounds incredible in Spanish.
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  12. I thought about it but it’s taken two years to get to page 2 here, so it might be better to just stick to this thread. Plus other smaller artists here just have one ever growing thread.

    Has anyone listened to My Last Song yet? I really like it once it gets going. The volume sounds low on Spotify though, does anyone else think so? Is the iTunes download any different?
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  13. Great! I will have something to look forward to when shopping in Spain this Summer! Love the first album
  14. I've been waiting for an English language album from Ruth Lorenzo ever since she was on the X Factor (still the best contestant they ever had) so I am very excited by this news! She should have put the incredible 99 on it too.
  15. Did you listen to the re-release of her debut with the added English tracks on including 99?
    I separated the two out into a Spanish album and an English EP
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  16. There's a seven-page general thread for Ruth and some of the news on her latest singles and the new album has been double-posted there as well. Perhaps we should shift the discussion to there, then, to avoid duplication.

    Really excited for this new album! I did buy Planeta Azul but I'm looking forward to an English-language album.
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  17. I wonder if a mod can merge the two? @2014 @Solenciennes
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  18. If I remember correctly, they can't merge two existing threads anyway (especially when there are lots of posts in each). The best they can do is lock one of the threads.

    I agree with you that Ruth doesn't get tons of discussion so maybe a new thread for Loveaholic isn't needed - there seems to be a separate thread for every single that she released before Planeta Azul and none of them are particularly long!

    Maybe she just needs that one general thread and everything else should just be locked.
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  19. I didn't know there was such a thing, how many English songs were added?

    99 is one of my favourite songs of the last few years so any more in that vein would be amazing!
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