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Ryan Beatty - Boy In Jeans

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Remyky22, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Thanks to @Bobbyrae for suggesting I make a thread for this one. The promotion of LGBT+ releases is always important, especially when the quality of the material goes way beyond the identity categories. This cutie used to do cover versions on youtube and collaborated with Brockhampton, and just two weeks ago he released his debut album, Boy In Jeans, and damn did he deliver with this joyful, carefree, honest and open record. Warm recommendation for all of the fans of Troye Sivan, Frank Ocean, Kevin Abstract's solo work and Brockhampton ballads.


    There's so many good tracks, but Haircut is really something, as you will need one after your weave is turned to dust:

    Also, the most recently released music video (for my fave song on the album), Powerslide, in which he dances all over my heartstrings:

    Let me go back dying over how perfect he is.
  2. Will take a listen tonight. Always enjoyed his vocals with Brockhampton.
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  3. It's an excellent album, there's a lot of interesting lyrics which are relatable and sometimes feel hugely nostalgic.
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  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Commenting so I don't forget to listen to it.

    I desperately need a Troye Sivan alternative.
  5. The album is fantastic. I'm so glad it was mentioned in Ms. Sivan's trainwreck album release thread
  6. Serving charisma in his vocals! Troye could never.
  7. I fell in love with his album last week! God In Jeans is incredible. He has such a great tone and the album has a really wonderful sort of emotion attached in the production.
  8. I stan @Joe.

    Also maybe better to link to Spotify?
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  9. I've found myself randomly singing, "Do you speak Japanese? Do you speak Japanese? Do you speak Japanese? Do you do speed?" for the past fortnight. I think Camo, God in Jeans, Powerslide, Speed and Flash are my favourites.
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  10. Also I know i'm in the vasority but while good, his voice to me is very Shawn Mendes / boyband-y - I prefer Troye's icy cool vocals - but this is good too.

    Camo is that bopp.
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  11. God is real, he was sleeping in my bed last night
    We were naked with the radio on
    Played him my favourite song

    What a moment. God in Jeans is something else. The concept, the story, the title even. It's a beautiful sentiment, and I think it's great that a gay man has a song so obviously directed at another man.
  12. Haircut is the best song for sure so if anyone doesn’t like the opener I doubt he’s for you.

    I actually think he’s very Khalid, especially on songs like Euro.

  13. Let's also give Bruise some love, for all of us who couldn't show up with a same-gender prom date!
  14. I am loving this (and for the record Haircut is my least fave of the four I've heard so far)!
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  15. Drag me!
  16. I'm on the bandwagon. This reminds me a lot of Gabriel Garzon Montano's Jardin which was a favorite of last year.
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  17. Oh, I've been listening to this all morning, I think I stan.
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  18. God in Jeans indeed, this album is incredible!

    Every song flows into the next so effortlessly.
  19. This is such a good album. Euro is my current fave. He's definitely one to watch!
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  20. I used to watch him on youtube years ago and this was such a surprise. I love the album and how he has become my new gay icon.
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