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Ryan Destiny - How Many (3rd Single - 9/12)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Butterfly, Dec 16, 2019.

  1. Ryan Destiny is an actress & singer, best known for her lead role as Alex on Lee Daniels' Empire spin-off Star. She is also a former member of short-lived girl-group Love Dollhouse.

    Her debut single 'The Same' was released in September 2018 and re-released last month with a feature & a music video.
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  2. I was very happy to see this got a re-release, it's a great song & certainly deserving of a video.
    The feature is nice, if a bit unnecessary.

    Hopefully this is the proper start of her solo career, I need more.
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  3. This sounds exactly like another song but I can't quite put my finger on it. Actually it sounds like a million other R&B songs.

    It's good though. I've always found her intriguing and like she had lots of potential. Love the choreography too. Isn't that Normani's/5H's old choreographer?
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  4. I always thought it sounded like a Ctrl-reject so maybe it's something from that album.
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  5. 2 years on, she's finally releasing a follow up to The Same!
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  6. I love it! But is it 'Do You' or 'DoYou', and who is the guy all over the track?

    I hope this leads to a project from her. She's so promising.
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  7. Do You is a vibe and a BOP ! she really has all the tools to be a breakout star in the singing world . She just needs that one song to click and stick .
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  8. Another great video. I love her style & the superstar energy she exudes.
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  9. Love this she’s such a star I’ve had Do It on repeat as well such a bop .
  10. Ryan is Justin Bieber’s love interest in his new music video out this Friday.


  11. Well... she looks gorgeous in this at least! And it's nice that she has a Colin Tilley connection now.
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  12. It’s a bit surprising that she isn’t signed to a major label considering her profile and how ambitious she seems to be. I wonder if that’s a conscious choice or if offers she might’ve received during or post-STAR haven’t been good deals?
  13. She had a deal with Capitol, it caused her to lose a role as Tiana on Empire (they re-casted with Serayah). She does seem to be independent now, I guess the experience might have soured her feelings about major labels and she's held off on replacing the deal?
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  14. Of course this is a Charlotte Rutherford shoot, absolutely flawless. No exaggeration, I think Ryan might be the most beautiful person in existence. Lovely to see she still has a connection with Brandy given that she's such an influence. I'd love to see them work together.

    I hadn't heard about the biopic, she has the lead role. It's written by Barry Jenkins (Moonlight & If Beale Street Could Talk) & the directorial debut of Rachel Morrison (cinematographer for Mudbound & Black Panther). That's a major booking.
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  15. I’ve been thinking this as well tbh . She just exudes natural beauty so effortlessly without even trying .
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