S Club 7 - RIP Paul Cattermole <3

Why didn’t people like Tina much? I barely hear anyone says she’s their fave. She was a standout to me on the show and that’s despite not getting many solos.

Out of all the 7 I think she did the most solo co writing, she was credited on Stronger, Discotek & Secret Love plus a good few under SC7. Think Bradley & Paul were the only other members who had solo co writing credits on 1 or 2 tracks.
Her "Fire" vocals appearing all those years ago (at 3:14)! Tina and Rachel were always my favorite members growing up, and I've always loved Secret Love and Discotek. I wish we got a solo album right after the group split.

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I think it was Jo's episode. I loved how they were doing a signing and Jo was like "I'm usually sane but then I sit next to Tina" and Tina was just like "what" ha.

And on Tina's episode (I think) there was a moment where Jon was really snappy at a cameraman. I was like woah when I was younger at that moment.


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Gone down a rabbit hole and ended up watching the whole tour behind the scenes playlist.

I can’t stop screaming at 5:38 - The fan just walking away after Hannah asked him a question and her ‘they often don’t respond’.

That Jon moment...yikes. I thought he was joking but the 'back off' is definitely not joking n n. They all look shattered throughout!