S Club 7 - RIP Paul Cattermole <3

I am shocked at how popular this is. I tried Cardiff on the off chance, and that's seemingly sold out. I hope they take this as a sign and get some new music underway!

Same here. I just took a look at the Instagram comments and people are literally begging them to add more dates. Some fans saying they are flying in from Brazil and the US to attend.

I know it’s still early days but it feels like this reunion is reaching the same level in attention that Steps received and now I’m completely confident that they could achieve the same success if they ventured into new music.
Hopefully this has shown Simon the demand (and love for them!) and now to put money into this reunion now; get their back catalogue on streaming, get the vinyl releases, get their shows on streaming and invest money into the tour!

We also need all the music videos on their YouTube. 4K remasters would be an added bonus.

Hope you are listening management (if you are lurking!)
Most of the venues have their interactive maps now. Most of the tickets unsold are £200+. Even in the tiers at the top they're about that price. Can't see anyone shelling out for them!
I by no way mean this in a nasty way but isn’t it wild that S Club 3 or 4 would barely cause much attention in their gigs but once you complete the jigsaw and have the other 3 members involved, they are literally selling out arenas and have thousands in a queue waiting to score a ticket. I know it’s completely expected but it’s still quite funny when you think of it like this.
I wanted to go but I am surprised how expensive the side block tickets are.. I understand nostalgia and taking advantage of that but over £200 does seem a bit steep to me for not being on the floor.