S Club 7 - RIP Paul Cattermole <3

It's still tragic but at least he didn't feel so bad that he had to end his life though. Hopefully whatever it was it was quick and he didn't know much about it.
Fucking hell. Sometimes you look at life, death, time and circumstance and it's hard to comprehend that it's all just random.

I'm glad he wasn't in pain and this would likely have been an exciting time in his life. For all he knew, he did the tour and had an amazing time.
I agree. I feel it’s harder that it was natural causes as he seemed in such a good place and was evidently so excited for the tour. Life can be so, so cruel.
This must be so hard on the others knowing there is no reason, it’s so cruel how exited he was and how he and Hannah worked on being ok for this reunion. It must be so painful for them. Natural Causes is just scary to grasp and understand for someone his age who had a life still to live.
Thinking further, I feel that if Hannah had stayed with the band for the tour, they likely would have/could have kept with the "S Club 7" name. I feel removing the "7" was more a reflection of Hannah choosing not to go on with the tour. I don't think any of it was a legal thing.
Think you're right. At least they're not touring as S Club All-Stars...
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They are obviously devastated, but also most of them have not worked in anything for a little while.

They need this gig, for some it is important, so they are powering through. Hannah herself wasn't doing well financially for what I recall, wasn't she homeless for Christmas? it's just a tough year for them. I hope she will be okay in the end.