S Club 7 - RIP Paul Cattermole <3

Hopefully we get more EPs like the Bring It All Back one. I wouldn't hate getting their albums on Vinyl too, I was lucky enough to get Sunshine, but I'd love to get the other 3.
If you search S Club Party on YouTube, the result shows a 4K symbol, but as mentioned it's currently only in 1080p HD. Maybe 4K hasn't processed yet? Hopefully it's on the way!
Correct! It’s now in 4K maybe that’s way it looked a bit shit when I watched. Still processing
Oh wow it looks great in 4K!

Someone on Twitter posted that they are releasing the S Club Party single on Spotify tomorrow, the setlist is apparently:
01 S Club Party
02 Viva La Fiesta
03 Our Time Has Come
04 S Club Party - Jason Nevins Club Mix
05 S Club Party - Dave's Git Down Party Mix
06 S Club Party - Paul & Bradley's Mix
07 S Club Party - Karaoke Version

Can't wait to get Our Time Has Come on streaming it's such a great B-Side!
Surely they could have got Daisy, Stacey, Jay and Aaron?

Their only bop is These Are The Days and they’re not gonna perform that because their version is better than S Clubs

Calvin has actually been more enthusiastic about S Club Juniors than Jay has been.

Jay hosted an Instagram series in 2020 where he interviewed each of the Juniors and several seemed keen on the idea of some form of reunion at some point (including Calvin) but Jay was regularly quite negative towards the idea and seemed like he really didn’t want to.

Which is absolutely fair enough. I just think we’d be more likely to get Aaron and Calvin over Jay but I also don’t think Calvin would do it unless it was all 8 of them.