S Club 7 - RIP Paul Cattermole <3

Relentless, You Didn't Know, Ease Your Pain, & the b-side The First Time are her best tracks. I'm surprised they thought they could promote/have success with such an MOR album. Maybe they were aiming for Kym Marsh-level succe$$ but the album certainly had no Cry/Come On Over.

Baby I'm A Fool slays lives and planets though?
Their b-sides during the "S Club" / Miami 7 were absolutely flawless (We Can Work It Out, So Right, Down at Club S). That whole era had such strong pop songs coming in every direction, i.e. album tracks, singles, b-sides.

They really couldn't be faulted.

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I remember hearing 'Right Guy' as the b-side to 'Don't Stop Movin'' - though it was an album track, and I loved it.
All of their non-cover b-sides are amazing. Discotek, Our Time Has Come, Right Guy, DANGEROUS, Down At Club S, and the underrated but lovely If It's Love. Long and Winding Road is a snooze, and Someday Someway is just okay.

Perfect Christmas should have been pushed as a full fledged single, even if it was a double A-Side due to the obligation of Never Had A Dream Come True.
I have so many questions regarding Two in a Million:
  • How do you tell the difference between the Miami 7 and Boyfriends & Birthdays versions?
  • Is the 2000 version the same as the Miami 7 version?
  • Is it correct that the S Club album has the Miami 7 version and the 7 album has the B&B version?
The Boyfriends & Birthdays mix has more orchestral production, and is 10x better honestly. The changes aren't huge, but make a huge difference (if that makes sense). Kind of similar to the album/single mixes of Atomic Kitten's Last Goodbye or Hear'Say's The Way To Your Love.
Wait they are already in the comeback corner? What happened to that reunion of theirs? Christ that was dismal. Was Jo singing live on that tour?
Still pissed at no Reunion tour DVD. Why does Simon Fuller keep doing this to us!? the Spice Girls one would have sold bucketloads. I doubt they all made THAT much from the reunion it's got be less than £100k each - i'm sure Jo, paul and Hannah wouldn't have been selling things on Ebay if they had made that much!