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S CLUB 7: The Rate ~ #16 "This is a bit camp isn't it?"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by j267, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. I really need to start this... been so busy.
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  2. With 4 ballots in, this is already looking very interesting.

    Top 10 is filled with quite a few album tracks (as expected).
    The bottom 5 are exactly the tracks that you would expect to be there.

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  3. As a current non-fan and hopefully future stan I am wonderimg if there is a more logical way to approach their music for these fresh ears other than chronologically?
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  4. Hmm great question!
    Perhaps you could give the singles/music videos a whirl first or listen to the ‘BEST’ album?

    Or perhaps the singles for each era before going to that album:

    Bring It All Back, S Club Party, You’re My Number One, Two In A Million - rest of ‘S Club’

    Reach, Natural, Never Had A Dream - rest of ‘7’

    Don’t Stop Movin, Have You Ever, You - rest of ‘Sunshine’

    Alive, Love Ain’t Gonna Wait - rest of ‘Seeing Double’
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  5. I'm defo in!
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  6. Have been watching the series (for the 9th? time) in perperation for all of your ballots.
    And Tina really is that bitch. She is genuinely hilarious and I'm considering editing together a best bits to keep you entertained before the results come in.
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  7. Back when I watched as a child I stanned Rachel but as I revisited as a teen, Tina was the clear star of the show. She is by far the funniest in Seeing Double as well.
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  8. Legendary status confirmed.
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  9. A Smash Hits article from 1999, essentailly glamourising they fact that they were overworked, were too busy to eat and got changed in front of each other. Some cute pics nonetheless.


    Less than a month to get your votes in S Clubbers.
  10. I always found 7 very disappointing - easily their worst album. Everything n the debut was good to amazing, then 7 was just so meh. And it seemed rushed and came out too soon.
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  11. I'm definitely in the pro-'7' camp. For me, it seemed like the music matured a bit and I quite liked the more RnB/hip-hop vibe of some of the tracks. Maybe it is the one I least return to these days, but there isn't a worst album to me. I do find the debut a bit juvenile now and there are a couple stinkers on it.
  12. Our fifth ballot is in, with the higest average so far.
    We now have 2 album tracks tied for first place.
  13. Show Me Your Colours and Stronger do both deserve first place to be honest.
  14. One of these may have just received it's lowest score so far too.
  15. Throw out the ballot!
  16. I’m starting my rate tonight. It’s very exciting, especially as S Club are my favourite group… ever!

    Sunshine is such a great album isn’t it?
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  17. It really was them at their peak
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  18. I only have Seeing Double and the extras to go. I haven't listened to S Club in ages. I have a feeling half of the top 10 will be album tracks.
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  19. Reach is 21 years old.
    Which is more than the amount of days you guys have left to get your votes in. x
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