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S CLUB 7: The Rate ~ #19 "Colours of the world!"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by j267, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. I'm so excited for this. I feel in this rate there will be many album tracks that will give some of the singles a run for their money. You and Alive, I'm looking at you.
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  2. It's mad how on release, I thought You was one of their best and now... Well, you'll see my score eventually.
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  3. But You is one of their best.
  4. It's rare that we agree but...
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  5. You was definitely a step backwards. The singles run of Natural, NHADCT, Don't Stop Movin' and Have You Ever gave the group some credibility. You regressed them back to 1999 bubblegum pop.
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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I must say that for me albumtrack wise they have just a few too many midtempo summery tracks that go nowhere plus (especially including b-sides) one too many songs that are Bring It All Back/Love Train/whatever 2.0
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  7. Y'all better finally realise just how brilliant some of those '7' album tracks are like 'All In Love is Fair', 'Cross My Heart' and 'I'll Be There'.

    *Fully expects people to do the dirty on the album even though it's much better than their debut and Sunshine*.

    Come at me. I'm ready.

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  8. Tina's vocals are always questionable. But there is no question that she serves the biggest bops.
    (See: Stronger & Discotek)
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  9. UMMM…count me in!
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  10. I'm definitely in as well. I know every song by heart but look forward to a cute little revisit.
  11. You is, at most, a 2 and that’d be generous.
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  12. Will be dropping some of my favourite Smash Hits covers/lesser seen pics in here, during the lead up.

    Here is a personal favourite from the Don't Stop Movin' video shoot. Including headlines such as "The girls can clean up" and "I wee into a cup". The Daily Mail wishes it was this high-brow.

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  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Who hit Paul?
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  14. I made a start on rating but, sadly I don't think I'll be taking part. Some songs still slap but I as I was listening I... It's just not for me any more.

    Someone bung Natural an 11 for me? Quoting Faure? Unafraid to reference. I hope Say Goodbye does well too. A better break-up song than the Frock Destroyers.
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  15. That's fair. I do think the further you delve into it, the music does tend to mature a little. Seeing Double probably being the most palatable these days and 'S Club' being the most juvenile.
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  16. Wow, this is a terrible picture. They were all done so dirty. Ecept Jo, she looks amazing.
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  17. Honestly, wait until you see some of the others I have. Getting 7 to look good at once is incredbily difficult, it turns out. Apparently Photoshop wasn't an option back then.
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  18. My averages...

    S Club - 9. (Highest - 10, lowest - 8)
    7 - 6.6. (Highest - 10, lowest - 3)
    Sunshine - 6.8 (Highest - 10, lowest - 0)
    Seeing Double - 7.6 (Highest - 10, lowest 5)
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  20. 7 is a slog to get through, especially after how perfect the debut era was.

    My score for Sunshine was dragged down by two particularly bad songs, plus a couple of middling selections too.
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