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S CLUB 7: The Rate ~ #3 "credible"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by j267, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. My album scores

    S Club 7.43
    7 7.64
    Sunshine 8.2
    Seeing Double 8.0
    Extras 7.0
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  2. Submitted. I'm 100% the only one giving my 11 their 11.
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  3. Why would you waste your 11 on Hello Friend.
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  4. We do have a singular fan of that track in our ballots.
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  5. This rate really is going to be interesting.
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  6. We're now back to a top 10 made up of 80% singles.
    However, we have a lot of album tracks sitting just outside of it.
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  7. the perfect playlist to makegmy way through as I prepare for my trip back to UK summer.

    What an album Sunshine is, a relief after the first 2 tbh
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Sunshine is a relief after 7 but not quite as good as S Club.
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  10. I hope to participate in this too. I just need to finish my scoring for the Britney rate first. I haven’t done a date in a while and then two come along in quick succession that I want to participate in.

    I absolutely loved S Club 7's debut when it was released (and still do). I don’t know the last two albums as well though, hopefully I’ll discover a few gems.
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  11. Glad to have you join us!

    I’d says both Sunshine and Seeing Double are more mature albums, so you’re likely to find a few gems.
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  13. Ezz


    An extension would be most valuable from my perspective. Thanks for the reminder tag!
  14. Ask and you shall receive:

    New deadline
    Monday 2nd August - 23:59 GMT

    Moving back down to London on the Sunday, so that gives you guys an extra 8 days. x
  15. Thanks for the reminder. I will attempt to get started asap!
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  16. Ezz


    Thank you so much, this is very exciting to explore their album tracks. Might try and track down the film, haven't seen it since I dragged my sixth form friends there! Good luck with the move too...
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  17. I’m excited at the prospect of people getting to really delve into their discography and hopefully realise that there were some incredible pop songs there. Often more impressive than the single (in my opinion).

    You can buy Seeing Double insanely cheap on DVD or from that S Club Series website. I still have the DVD, so stuck it on recently, when pulling together this rate.

    And thanks! I’ve accumulated too much stuff during COVID and my new room is unfurnished, so it’s gonna be a van-hire and heavy lifting day on the Sunday.
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  18. Just finished my first draft of the scores and commentary! I'm a pretty high scorer generally. Will make some revisions and then submit it all soon.

    Was such a joy to revisit some tracks I hadn't heard in years. This group was my everything back in the day!
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  19. You and I both.
    Excited to see your scores!
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  20. I did an initial run through of the albums yesterday. 7, despite having nostalgia connections as the first album I ever owned, has more filler than an All Stars contestant.

    Sunshine is stronger than I remembered.
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