S Club 7 to reform ???????

i saw on another music page similar to this one. Saying that ALL the members (included Paul cattermole) are going to reform and do a "Spice Girls" or a "Take That" thing.

Does anyone know the truth???
The piece of "evidence" provided I've seen is a quote from Rachel Stevens saying "We're all still in touch". Not exactly overwhelming.


Too early for one, right?
Give it two - three years, a Don't Stop Moving ad placement/remix/sample/re-release, a positive reality show appearance of a member and the timing is right. They could do a Take That too, with new material and stuff.

Oh I just remembered Jo. And ' positive reality show appearance'. Hmmm...
Rachel, John or Hannah would be good for something like that.
it'd be interesting to see what new material would sound like.

im trying to imagine them all together again, so weird!
Its not going to happen. And I don't mind. I'm still wanting Tina's Solo material. I heard Moonchild finally. It is more brilliant than you can even think, but it sounds like it could be a Rachel track (not a bad thing!)


But S Club had the Mums/older people crossover that Five, East 17 and All Saints never had. None of those acts have a still-played (ok in weddings, and office parties. but still), well-liked, dancefloor classic like Reach, Bring It All Back and especially Don't Stop Moving. Never Had A Dream Come True is a classic as well.
In a few years maybe, they might make it work because they have a strong team behind them unlike 5ive and E17. People haven't forgotten Jo's escapades yet.

They were never that big anyway even when they were at their peak, I would class them as a Grade 2:2 pop band, and so very British in terms of quality.
I highly doubt they'd reform... and if they did i'm sure it wouldn't involve Jo, i mean we all know what happened and it wasn't good. I don't know though she might be on track again now but the general public might not take to her re-appearance.
I don't think they should reform... They are over... and it's too early... they have split in 2003. & they are too "old" so I don't think they'll come-back one day... even if I loved their music...
I don't really like the idea that much. Jo has tarnished her image, Bradley has been in that stupid boy band thing, isn't Paul fat now? If they do come back it should be something to do with TV; that's how they got started. Maybe some kind of documentary (yeh I know) they go back to Miami and LA to reminisce. S-club revisited. I think the thing they do have going for them is relative youth. They're all still in their 20's aren't they?

And they should get Super Mal to produce their comeback single. Purely because I imagine S-Club in the late Noughties to sound like Bigger Than Big.
In theory, this would be fine, but in the five years since they split, the pop landscape has changed so dramatically - it's not like the old days when they just popped up on CBBC to promote their single/album.

I'm not sure if they'd come back doing the dancing thing as well - Paul and Tina are in their 30s now, can you really picture them doing the backflips and finger drawing in the S Club Party routine again? Eh, no, in the words of Manuel from Fawlty Towers.

I just fear there'd be a load of All Saints/Spice Girls animosity. I suppose the reason it worked for Take That was because they'd rarely been in the public eye (except for Robbie, of course) after they split, and that's probably why their comeback was accepted a bit more warmly.

If it does happen though, then that's wicked. :) x
If S Club did comeback i reckon it would be without Paul and Jo. I just don't think Paul would do it and after seeing Jo after the BB race row on GMTV - it just shattered so many illusions of her.

Didn't she also say back when she went in the house that she doesn't want to do music and only done this to get some money?