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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Bring it All Back 2015 Tour

    "Bring the House Down"
    "S Club Party"
    "You're My Number One"
    "Love Ain't Gonna Wait for You"
    "Two in a Million"
    "Stronger" - Tina solo
    "Reach" (Acoustic) - Paul solo
    "Straight Up" - Hannah solo
    "Hello Friend" - Jo and Jon duet
    "Have You Ever"
    "Good Times" / "Friday Night" / "Dance Dance Dance" / "Do It Till We Drop" / "Who Do You Think You Are?" - Bradley DJ solo
    "Some Girls" / "Sweet Dreams My LA Ex" - Rachel solo
    "Viva La Fiesta"
    "Bring It All Back"
    "Uptown Funk"
    "Say Goodbye"

    "Never Had a Dream Come True"
    "Don’t Stop Movin’"

  2. Not sure many are aware some fan has done a fan made DVD on twitter. Nothing to do with me by the way. He made a few batches and they've all sold out - bought one. The same thing is up on Youtube too not difficult to find this mega fan has done a brilliant job editing it too.

    However, it dawned on me why aren't we getting a tour DVD surely it'd sell well. Was the tour filmed?
  3. They were supposed to be on Loose Women last month "making an announcement" but pulled out and it doesn't seem to have been mentioned since.
  4. MB


    I've found myself listening to all of their albums over the last few days and really enjoyed them. I wasn't really here for a reunion and didn't enjoy the tour but I think I'd quite enjoy some new material from them although I can't see it happening.
  5. I get their thinking. New material wouldn't have done well although as a fan i wouldn't complain.I just think they should give us the tour DVD it was a great tour.
  6. SBK


    Well, they were planning to announce it on Loose Women, I wouldn't have expected it to be anything big.
  7. We're selling stuff on Ebay!
  8. Aww yeah that Paul and Hannah story. They probably thought we'd probably have a few hundred quid than the booklets so let's sell...I'm surprised the bidding went THAT high. They must each have been a good living from that tour, why are they THAT desperate!?

    A tour DVD would have been fab
    Re-released tv series boxsets on dvd the vhs collections i have are so clunky!
    A new single to promote the tour
    A new studio album because if steps can do it so can S Club 7 i.e they're better
    Singles and albums boxsets i have them all, but still.
    A new tv series about the reunion...documentary/fake type thing.

    I'll keep dreaming...
    But in some weird repeat Paul & Hannah are a couple again!!

    Is it sad that i wanted them to perform Two In A Million on the last date of the tour but change it to 'seven in a million' - emotional! I know they did Reach with Paul but something similar...
  9. Is the Behind the Scenes thing that the VIP ticketed people got not even worth ripping?
  10. Christ no - I've received it, and it honestly is dreadful.

    Unofficial instrumentals used (which are very clearly budget ones produced), brief interview with the band where they talk about receiving free fake tan. There's also about three 5 second clips from one of the Q&As.

    It really is dreadful, and not really what was advertised - maybe I hyped it up thinking we'd get a good 30 minute documentary from rehearsals to the final show.
  11. Decent setlist, the only glaring omission here is Let Me Sleep.
  12. Everything about this reunion was so cheap. You'd think Simon Fuller could have invested a bit more of the ticket profit back into the show. Especially when it was spare change to him.
  13. I think he knew that with this little investment, it would be fine and he would get the maximum of profits about this tour. The tour was sold out right? That's what matters to him...
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  14. It was badly managed though - they missed lots of very simply opportunities.

    The fact that following the Children In Need performance there was a lot of interest, and a press conference, but then they don't re-release the Greatest Hits until May 2015 was bizarre. Especially given the original release went top 10 on iTunes after the performance, remained in the top 20 for two weeks after the performance.

    In some ways it was bizarre how little promotion actually went into the reunion.. when you look at Steps, Girls Aloud and the Spice Girls, they had a shot on a primetime show (two of the three did Strictly), they had hype and hysteria about them again, yet S Club's just seemed to fizzle out before it even began.
  15. S Club 7 (Well Jo, Bradley and Tina) are performing at the Xmas light switch on in my town. Performing alongside Ben Haenow who's switching the lights on.
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  17. MB


    It would seem this is the new "line up" as Paul's touring with the rocky horror show. They'll have a couple more years left doing the uni fresher gigs but soon enough the freshers will have been too young first time round so they better keep cashing in whilst they can.
  18. Such a wasted opportunity. At least Rachel seems keen on doing new music which is something.
  19. HRH


    The reunion was a bit of a shambles. New music would have tarnished their (somewhat inflated) legacy, in my opinion.

    But Rachel really should have milked the exposure and maybe gotten some new solo stuff out. I was very surprised that she was fine to just blend in when she was the closest thing they have to a 'Cheryl'. Good on her, but it's also a bit of a wasted opportunity.
  20. I'm glad they did the tour. It was very good. Not sure about the opening abit downbeat for me. They should have opened with a bang with Bring It All Back..

    But i'll never forgive who ever was responsible for no tour DVD.

    A new single wouldn't have hurt to support the comeback.
    A fly on the wall series of them behind the scenes on tour etc would have been a decent idea.
    I don't think a new tv series themed in London wouldn't have hurt their legacy at all.

    A shame really. I'm so glad they did reform but it was all so half-hearted.
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