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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

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    The whole season is tiresome. You could tell they were running out of steam. Rehashing the same stories over and over. Then there’s the concert episode *face palm emoji*. I don’t think I ever watched Viva Sclub so I’m hoping that’s better than Hollywood 7.
  2. Lovely to see Jo performing with Kevin Simm
  3. It's not. Although you do get Paul leave halfway through the series however. And Hannah is sad for like the rest of the episode and maybe the next one?
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  4. I did enjoy Miami 7, yes it's cheesy but it's fun and brings back good memories of first going out and buying the album. Made me want to re-listen to that first record again afterwards.
  5. I want this played at my funeral

  6. That Natural remix, coupled with the visuals from the music video, is everything.
  7. I never heard that before - is it an official remix or one the guy in the video just created?

    Are any of their remixes good? I know the Don't Stop Moving one.
  8. It's the "Natural (Almighty Remix)" - they did quite a few remixes for S Club's songs over the years, check them out!
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  9. OK thanks
  10. Just dropping by to say that Let Me Sleep is absolutely gorgeous.
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  11. Just popped in to remind everyone of Hannah's iconic pose at the beginning of the Children in Need performance.
  12. She was channeling Emma Bunton.
  13. Yes! Should have been a single. Actually all their album closer songs were already really lovely. Oh, this wasn't an album closer though but it should have been!
  14. Such a beautiful song. I remember the first time I heard it during my first play of the 'Seeing Double' album on release day, it hit me that it sounded like a farewell song. I think it could have worked as their swan song instead of 'Say Goodbye'. It's a bit less on the nose!
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  15. I'm correct in saying Paul is on Let Me Sleep right?
  16. I’m sure he gets an ad-lib at the end.
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  17. Seeing Double is a fantastic album, isn’t it? Bop after bop.
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  18. Love her old school karaoke mic.
  19. Yep, he sure is. Really makes me wonder just how many tracks he recorded that were intended for that album or even made that album and we don't realize it.
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  20. Straight From The Heart credits “S Club 7” as writers so I imagine there’s a fair few songs that would have been on the album regardless of lineup.
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