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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Did we ever get to hear the Rachel versions of love ain’t gonna wait or dance?

  2. I’m not sure if they re-recorded Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You.
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  3. Waiting until payday to get these pressed...
  4. Where are you getting the instrumentals?
  5. I know someone, who knew someone who used to work in TV and had a few that he sent me.
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  6. Just say Paul.
  7. So jealous, I’ve wanted their instrumentals for so long.
  8. They're actually surprisingly hard to come by. Had loads of traders and stuff lookign for me and they've never been able to come up with the goods. Frustrating cause we've heard them all on the TV shows, so know that they're out there somewhere.
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  9. Hold on this my first time hearing this, was Dance a b-side
  10. It was originally used as an unofficial double A side with Alive but it was on Seeing Double too.
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  11. I always confuse Dance with Dance Dance Dance. To complete the set they should've covered Fall Out Boy's Dance Dance.
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  12. About Jo
    There's a lot of recording sessions snippets on twitter, it's actually gonna be a good record isn't it, not revolutionary, but shockingly pretty decent I think
  13. All of a sudden, I'm very excited for this Jo album.
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  14. It was rumoured back in the day that they did as a precaution in case Jo wouldn't be available for promotion of single #2 but who knows if that was accurate or not.
  15. Funny to see Nicky Mac being involved in Jo's record. She is a former member of the band WooWoos

    Remember Me

    Fizzy Lettuce

    Nicky has also co-written Emma Bunton's latest Christmas single.
  16. Is it there any difference between "Love Ain't Gonna Wait for You" album version and single remix?
  17. I’ve always wanted to know. I was told years ago some things that were supposed to be different, but I didn’t hear it. I don’t have a physical of the single mix, though, so my version may just be mislabeled.
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  18. The differences are very minimal. A few extra flourishes and reverbs here and there but nothing major.
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  19. At least to my ears, the single mix has less bass, or less umph.
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