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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Yeah, it's definitely a different baseline running through the single mix (less heavy).
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  2. Never thought I'd be that excited for a Jo O'Meara in 2020, I can' wait
  3. It sounds very Claire Richards solo album.
  4. Sounds good to me. I loved that record.
  5. Her vocals sound amazing and the songs sound good as well. Hopefully this actually gets released.
  6. I hate the vocal production on the single mix and lighter bassline. The album version sounds HUGE in comparison. The single mix sounds boring I think. However there's a few little production flourishes on the single mix that would sound great added to the album version but they're very small.
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  7. Very happy to follow the process of Jo's upcoming record. Sounds exciting.
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  8. In incredibly exciting news, Tina has announced a follow up to this year’s Mwah Mwah and top 1000 Amazon chart smash Fire! Her new single is called Private Dance Instructor and will be out in November.

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  9. From the same team as Mwah Mwah
  10. I can’t wait!
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  11. this track is more singing. I’m excited
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  12. Looks like a cover of Lucie Silvas's 'Breathe In' is in the running for Jo's upcoming album. Lucie also wrote 'Bittersweet' for S Club's 'Seeing Double' album too. I personally like the sound of the second song more though.
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  13. Yeah, not sure I want Jo coming out with probably the most well-known Lucie track. Surely she should lead with an original.
  14. Even though it's a cover, I think Breathe In sounds pretty decent.
    I'm not into Song 2 at all, it's way too screechy.
  15. Lucie Silvas was also involved in Rachel's career: "I Got The Money", "Silk", "Spin That Bottle" and "Shoulda Thought of That".
    Jo's cover of "Breathe In" sounds decent. But she has already launched her music career with a cover. Wasn't she offered a management deal by Simon Fuller at the end of S Club, back in 2003, but Simon Fuller wanted her to record an album of covers and she refused it? That would be ironic if all her singles turn to be some covers.
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  17. I really can’t believe 2020 is giving us solo Tina and Jo music but all Rachel’s giving us is fashun insta influencing.
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  18. I’m sorry...what?
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  19. Amelia baby, no...
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