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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. This erasure of Joanne Valda will NOT be tolerated.
  2. I guess that saves Tina doing Jo's parts. I swear there is a video of her singing over Jo's original vocal but she's very quiet so it just looks odd.
  3. Jesus Christ....
  4. Katomic Kitten’s impact!
  5. I thought Amelia Lily joining Geordie Shore was a low point, Fuck me.
  6. Amelia Lily always had a Jo Omeara vibe for me, scream.
    I say that's a good booking, you get the S Club bops with two iconic members present, plus You Bring Me Joy? Already better than 75% of my nights out.
  7. I like Amelia (always thought she could've been a good fifth member of Little Mix) but S Club without Jo's voice just isn't S Club it's a tribute band.
  8. I agree. I love S Club 7 and could tolerate them as a 3, but this? Come on now.
  9. Okay, but WHAT IF they recruited 4 other faded popstar to join?

    S Club 7 featuring Bradley, Tina, Amelia Lily, Lolly, Amy Studt, Adam Rickett and Noel from Hear’Say.
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  10. Not being bad but is Jo expecting her solo campaign to take off and get in the way of these S Club 3 student digs and Lidl car park gigs?
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  11. Imagine THAT conversation between Jo, Tina and Bradley.
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  12. It seems like a real passion project for her and she comes across as very happy at the moment. So I'm glad she's doing this.
  13. Yeah which is lovely but that has nothing to do with what I said, It's hardly gonna interfere with the S Club 3 stuff.
  14. My point was that maybe she's not chasing success but rather doing what gives her fulfilment. I assume she'll be back with an S Club incarnation once she gets this out.
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  15. So I got replied to by their manager when I questioned the Amelia choice. Apparently the Juniors were asked first - they declined.
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  16. I can’t think of any Junior who would be able to just drop what they’re doing to partake in...whatever this is to be fair.
  17. Welp I see this as gotta get a check somehow move but I agree with the poster above I would've expected Amelia joining Little Mix or even being a fill in for one of the Girls Aloud members before resorting to S Club.... But hey get in where you fit in sis.
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  18. I wonder how much they make on these gigs. They’re embarassing but they do them so often they must be lucrative for them.
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  19. They’ll probably have made more doing these gigs than they did during the time in the band.
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