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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Yeah, she said on This Morning that Missing You was a cover.
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  2. It depends on the flow of the album, yet.
    She should have swapped Heaven with Relentless (Unplugged). As to make those 2 unplugged tracks "bonus tracks", at the end of the album.
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  3. Missing You the John Waite song? Tina Turner is shaking.
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  4. She was great on This Morning and the new tune is very welcome.

    Hopefully timing is right and this works out really well for her.
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  5. Huh, thats interesting. Thanks for the heads up.
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  9. Same.
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  10. Noticed a new photo on Jo's Spotify profile:

  11. She looks good here. Oh I hope this does relatively well for her.
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  12. The previews sound fantastic and "On the Surface" is an extremely solid way to get her name back out there with a credible song, compared to an acoustic cover of an S Club 7 song, and as much as I am rooting for this to do well for her (even though Jo very clearly doesn't understand the charts given the sheer joy at going top 30 on iTunes with minimal sales)... I just cannot see who is going to buy or stream this? Contrary to other artists, I she doesn't have the public profile (like Emma Bunton or Louise) to get casual sales, etc.
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  13. It'll either be a random hit, especially if radio get behind her and she puts in the effort with promo or....... it'll flop miserably. I don't think there will be an in between. There isn't really an audience waiting on this, apart from a very small handful of loyal S Club fans (those who probably turned up at every S Club 3 gig).

    This feels like the sort of album that would do really well if released in Jan/Feb and if Jo was coming off the back of I'm a Celeb or Dancing on Ice or something. There's no platform and I don't see this being huge for her.

    I guess some are thinking it'll be like when Claire from Steps released her solo album but... it's just never going to be that.
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  14. I mean, even as a massive S Club fan, this is likely to get one stream from me. It’s just not my sort of music.

    It could do really well with the wine moms and radio 2 crowd, but I can’t see it getting promoted enough to make waves with them.
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  15. Good on her for giving it a go. She sounds great, looks great and the music is polished.
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  16. I'm looking forward to this album, surprisingly. It's a nice surprise.

    I would love the Relentless album on Streaming though. You Didn't Know is a banger of a ballad!
  17. I think all of us (Jo included) know this isn’t going to set the charts alright. However, what it will do is allow Jo to perform at random gigs and festivals with her own music, as well as throw a couple of S Club tracks in there,
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  18. I've just listened to On The Surface for the first time and it's cute but goodness, she really sounds a bit scratchy when she's belting.
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  19. Since UMG is behind this are expecting it to go to DSPs?
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