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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Since UMG is behind this are expecting it to go to DSPs?
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  2. And maybe coax Rachel Stevens out of semi-retirement?
  3. It can go in the bin really. It's not the best track-listing they could have come up with.
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  4. I’m mostly interested in most of the b-sides being available on streaming.
  5. Premiering tomorrow at 6pm. At least it doesn't look to be in someone's conservatory like the unplugged videos.

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  6. Actually some pretty decent questions in this
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  9. We’ve already got some really interesting results and our top 3 are currently non-singles.

    If you’ve not fully delved into their discography, now is the time!

    I’m also hoping to DM Hannah and Jo (as I have them on Twitter) and get them to come and have a look or share the results when we’re done.
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  10. Show Me Your Colors vs Stronger. The Rachel and Tina feud lives on.
  11. I still need to do this... I've been so busy. I will try.
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  12. Is The Essential coming out on streaming?
  13. Doesn't look like it! It's not on Spotify today or even on iTunes.

    Managed to get a copy of the CD in Tesco yesterday for £5.00!
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  14. Yeah, apparently Tesco and HMV stock it... and for cheaper than Amazon. Doh.
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  15. The Essential is a cute little package. Bare bones but that's to be expected for a budget compliation.

    If I was gonna be picky and change a couple of things about it, I'd have just included the single version of Two In A Million - I don't think there's enough of a difference to warrant both the single mix and the album version being there. I'd've also added a couple more b-sides so they got a bit of a chance to shine - dare I say, I'd swap out the Jon heavy ones for We Can Work It Out and Down At Club S.
    The tracklisting also needs a little work rather than just being their back catalogue on a complete random shuffle with zero cohesion, but again, that's what these budget compilations are!

    However, on the positive side, we get a cassette only remix of Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You and a promo only remix of Stronger which are exclusives, but the album version of Stronger is nowhere to be found on the actual compliation which is odd considering.

    Also, just as a little aside, You're My Number One, Natural and You are all the correct single versions but Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You is the album version. Right Guy is also the album version.
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  16. A booklet would have been nice too. Very basic packaging.
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  17. You rarely get booklets with these budget compliations these days - I've had a few of these kinds of releases lately and none feature a booklet.
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  18. It does look quite rushed. It's a shame because if someone had given this a bit more love (with a better tracklisting and more of the B-sides or even unreleased) it could have been a great collection.
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  19. Rob


    Seeing S Club heading for a Top 40 album and Atomic Kitten for a Top 40 single in 2021 is warming my little gay heart.
  20. They’re #25 in the chart update! I didn’t expect it to do so well.
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