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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. It was #77 on the midweeks...
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  2. I’m not always in the mood for S Club’s cheesy pop but when I am, I am ALL in. “S Club Party” just came on and I popped so hard.

    Surprised Bradley didn’t have a solo career either so good on you for convincing him to do that. Let’s try and convince Jon to start an OnlyFans next (kidding)!
  3. Jon on OnlyFans I actually see that (and wouldn't exactly say no either)

    But yes I'm suprised about Bradley. He could have easily thrown out something in 2003/4 and would have had a minor success out of it, at that time.
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  4. SBK


    Don't expect to see it anywhere when the final chart is published today, unfortunately, seemingly not much has been added to the mid-week sales number.
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  5. It's a shame as it is a decent album and she sounds really good on it.
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  6. So she charted at 28 on the album sales chart.
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    That's something I guess. Not made the top 200 on tbe main chart...
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  8. That ain't bad, really for a late August release. I imagine it would have done better released earlier in the year.

    They could have pushed it more - I don't there was a vinyl, right? So they could have offered a limited edition coloured vinyl to boost sales and Jo could have perhaps done an Instagram live streaming gig or whatever. I feel like they put a lot of effort into the album but then didn't really do all that much to promote it. She's been saying for weeks that she's recording the next album of S Club covers etc. so it's like they already have moved on anyway.
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  9. I don’t think vinyl would have been worth producing.
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  10. If she cared that much about charts and sales, she would have done more promotion.

    I imagine vinyl manufacturing was so backed up they said “screw it.” No other reason I can think of they’d do a hecking cassette but not a vinyl.
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  11. I suppose there’s only so much promo you can do when you’re an artist like Jo. It’s not like she can just waltz up to Loose Women or Graham Norton and demand a spot.
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  12. She had slots on Lorraine, Sky News and ITV London News in release week and This Morning just after the album was announced too.
    She certainly had decent enough TV coverage.
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  13. They’re randomly playing Dance Dance Dance on Radio 2 right now. I mean a 20 year old album track?
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  14. A vinyl release wouldn’t have saved Jo’s album. If it wasn’t in the top 200 I can only assume it would have maybe sold an extra 10 copies.
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  15. Searched for ' Dance Dance Dance' on youtube, and found this gem, must have been a promo performance while they were touring for Carnival.


    Also, it's a shame they didn't release the United tour, I swear to god there was a medley online on Sony or Polydor website, including "Two In A Million" and "Do It till we Drop" back in the day, so the show is somewhere in the abyss.
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  16. Happy for Jo. She's grown so much as a person since her CBB days. Big into her health and fitness, she's glowing now. I remember being devastated for her after that ill-fated appearance, and then seeing her looking a bit iffy at some of the SC3 gigs. Look at her now, good for her!
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  17. Maybe if she had Tina feature on her album it would have been a top 20 album….
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