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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. I am glad to see Stacey with Bradley and Tina. They should have called themselves S Club BTS instead of S Club All Stars. Maybe including in their setlist some S Club Juniors/8 songs could be an interesting (One Step Closer, New Direction, Fool No More, Sundown and Don't Tell Me You're Sorry)
  2. S Club BTS would probably cause confusion with... BTS so maybe that's why they didn't/can't do that.
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  3. I do think they should at least be performing Sundown or Automatic High on the setlist. Just something so people in the audience know who she is/why she’s there. Cause the casuals will probably have no idea.
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  4. There's no excuse to not chuck in a chorus of One Step Closer at the very least.
  5. And probably the age of the audience watching them now would live their best lives to this.
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  6. Am I right in thinking Sunshine goes live on vinyl at midnight?
  7. I thought it was the 26th?
  8. Oh really? Oh gosh, HMV made it seem it’s tomorrow with their vinyl releases.
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Yes, it's available in store from tomorrow.
  10. In store from tomorrow. I've no idea when it shows up online. I hoping to nab a copy today in person. Surely there won't be swarms of secret S Club 7 fans buying them..?
  11. It’s on sale today in store and at 4pm online.

    I wonder how many copies they had pressed though?
  12. W2K


    It’s in store today, one of our PJers has it.
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  13. I got a copy in Belfast. There was plenty there.
  14. Just got my copy in Westfields London. One copy left after my purchase.
  15. Got mine from Fopp! Wooo
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  16. Glad to have picked up Sunshine today, I just wish the splatter choice had been different than what looks like a gonorrhoea urine sample.
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  17. EE2ECA62-BD11-461B-AED0-42A45A4EAF25.jpeg The lyrics to Right Guy have been missed off
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  18. It's a nice to have but I'm not loving the execution as there are some mistakes, such as the one noted above. I didn't like the look of the splatter but oddly it looks nicer up close. Plays / sounds good too.
    It's probably my least favourite album of theirs though, so I hope at some point we get the others released. I'd love '7' on baby pink vinyl and a nice deep red for 'S Club'.
  19. Got my copy of the vinyl yesterday from HMV Newcastle, there were about 5 left. I hadn’t realised it was being released, was thrilled when I got an email from HMV the other day. And lucky I was travelling to Newcastle where I could pick up a copy.

    It’s already sold out on HMV.com!
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