S Club 7

If the Seeing Double era had gone ahead properly without the split, what do you think would have been singles?

Alive, Who Do You Think You Are (to promote the movie) and Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You to me were dead certs but I also could have seen them trying Whole Lotta Nothin' and Straight From The Heart too.
Dance, Let Me Sleep, Do It Till We Drop and Love Ain’t Gonna Wait for You were what I would have gone with.

I adore Gangsta Love and Who Do You Think You Are but I couldn’t have seen them working as singles.
Putting this crazy theory out there...

"Ready to the take the seed of your intention" is the one line that makes me think that the whole song is a metaphor about sex.
  • The middle 8 is clearly being in ectasy at the climax.
  • Pineapple is a metaphor for genitals and landscaping preference.
  • Rachel proclaiming that this is the best sex she's had, and previous lovers are putt to shame. (Very "All the Lovers").
  • "soul apple" is to do with Eve and the origin sin, and ultimately how sinful sex can be?
(I'll get my coat ...)
It should have been Love Ain’t Gonna Wait/Gangsta Love as a double A lead. Whole Lotta Nothing or Discotek next and then finishing with Let Me Sleep for a number one ballad, like Have You Ever/Never Had A Dream…
As much as I adore Let Me Sleep, I think Straight from the Heart works better as a Christmas single and ties off things nicely for the album ballads with Two in a Million, Never Had a Dream and Have You Ever. So, I agree with the majority here;

Dance (as the lead), Straight from the Heart, Love Ain't Gonna Wait and then Do It Till We Drop / Who Do You Think You Are as a final double single to launch the movie.