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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. I was listening to a podcast and I didn’t know someone covered Bring The House Down. Does anyone have any info on this? How random

    Around 1:28
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  2. I know the American Juniors did a version of Bring The House Down?
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  3. I've been listening to them a lot lately and I'm annoyed that none of their singles with remixes and b-sides are on Spotify. Are they available in the UK?
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  4. Nope, we have the albums and that’s it.
  5. That’s a slight consolation as I’d be incredibly jealous otherwise. But ridiculous that their singles are just nowhere to be found.
  6. Uncle Simon doesn't want to maximise his streaming profits.
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  7. We don't even have the full '7' album. Just the re-release.
  8. We don't even have 'Spiritual Love' or 'Stand By You' in the UK. I'm guessing because they're bonus tracks so were licensed for the UK only and the release we have on Spotify is worldwide? Anyone know more about bonus tracks licensing?
  9. It’s because they’re covers and were never released internationally. UK and Ireland have the international 7 on streaming. But we really should have the UK version because the covers were actually licensed and released here.
  10. I was always annoyed that we never got Stand By You on the US edition even though in Tina's Thank You she mentions the song and it being performed on Hollywood 7.
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  11. And both are great songs.
  12. If anybody in the West Midlands was still looking for a Sunshine vinyl, HMV in Telford still had a couple of copies yesterday
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  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Reripping my Best copy Everybody Get Pumped is tagged as 'S Club' but wikipedia says it was recorded in 2001. So is Paul on it or not? (Or was he taken of since he'd left by the time Best came out?)
  14. Paul is on it. It was featured in Hollywood 7 (for the Sunshine album) . Definitely an S Club 7 track!
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  15. I still need to know whose high note we get in the middle of Everybody Get Pumped because it's not any of the band! Around 1.57mn. Sounds like Stacey from the Juniors more than anything!
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  16. I always just assumed that was Jo
  17. Listening to Seeing Double for the first time and whilst it's a solid little album, it's kind of fascinating to me from a marketing angle. On paper it makes total sense that if your last biggest hit was the incredible Don't Stop Movin' a year before, you'd push forward with an album in the same disco-pop vein... I just wonder why their label didn't realise that by 2002 there was clearly a shift in pop, the late 90s boom was over and young consumers were becoming more concerned with what was comsidered cool etc. They didn't need a total reinvention but there wasn't even an attempt to make the lead single fit into the soundscape of the time. Even Hear'say and Atomic Kitten had cottoned on to this.
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  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I feel Seeing Double definitely was a bit slicker than previous albums?
    (and might have missed Atomic Kitten moving forward sonically?)
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  19. Well I was being generous since it only lasted with one song (Be With You).
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  20. Seeing Double definitely sounds progressive in terms of what came before from S Club - Sunshine. But I do agree that it possibly wasn't strong enough to contend with some other music at that time.

    The biggest issue was releasing 'Alive' which was a very watered down attempt at a Don't Stop Movin' rehash and it didn't work for me. If they were aware that this was possibly the final album they were doing as a group it would have made sense to push the boundaries a little more.

    I'm sure the reviews of the album at the time were positive though with many feeling it was more mature-sounding.
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