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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. For me, I prefer ‘Alive’ over ‘Don’t Stop Moving’. As somebody posted earlier, it just sounds more polished and slightly more Americanised. Furthermore, ‘Don’t Stop’ was utterly overplayed, to the point it became bigger than the band whereas ‘Alive’ feels more unknown, going under the radar, making it feel more special.

    As for the album, absolutely agree they should have ditched the clone references in ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, an amazing song that just slightly verges todays corny when that line slips in.

    Best songs however also include ‘Whole Lotta Nothing’, ‘Do It Till You Drop’, ‘Dance’ and ‘Let Me Sleep’. A few other songs are not bad but these are definitely the album’s top tier and should have been the sound they explored deeper.
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  2. While I'm not too in agreement with that comment. I do get it.

    Jon played a "straight guy" in the TV series. How groundbreaking would it have been for him to actually be gay in these seasons. It would have been a risk, I know.
  3. The frustrating thing about 'Alive' being a watered-down rehash of 'Don't Stop Movin' was that they had already got an excellent 'Don't Stop Movin 2.0' in the form of 'Dance Dance Dance' (which at the time I was sure would be Sunshine single number 4). The Juniors also had 'One Step Closer' which wasn't a million miles away from 'Don't Stop Movin'. Even 'Discotek' was better than 'Alive'.

    I knew it was game over when the Juniors came up with 'New Direction', which would have made a perfect lead single for S Club (7)'s fourth album.

    In fact, after the double triumph of 'Never Had a Dream Come True' and 'Don't Stop Movin', the releases all went a bit haywire. If management was insistent on 'You' being a single, it should have been double A-sided with something else ('Show Me Your Colours'??) and released in the massive gap that followed 'Don't Stop Moving'. The video was recorded that summer - the continuity is out if you compare it with 'Have You Ever'. LA7 was repeated in summer 2001 and actually had the 'You' instrumental over the closing credits. I remember wondering what this unheard song actually was. 'Have You Ever' could then have been single number 3, with something else ('Dance Dance Dance', 'Stronger' etc) being number 4.

    'Seeing Double' as an album was a disappointment at the time. It felt at times like they were trying too hard, and some of the song ('Bittersweet', 'Gangsta Love', 'Secret Love', 'The Greatest') could have been removed without much loss. 'Discotek' should have been on there. And 'Who Do You Think You Are' would have been the best first single, with 'Straight from the Heart' or 'Let Me Sleep' following.

    One last thing. One of the remixes of 'Reach' has Jon singing the first verse as well as the second. I always wondered if that was meant to be 'his' song on '7' but that a late decision had seen his vocals partly being replaced with Jo and Bradley. At the time the promo for the album made a big thing of 'everyone has a solo' which felt odd - as Jon didn't really have one, other than the B-sides!
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  4. I really would love to see a new TV series or one-off. With the story being that they have all been separated for years and we get to see where each character is / what's happened to them since the band ended then they all come back together. You can have Jon living it up as his true gay self and explore some more interesting topics with the other members. Maybe they could record a new song or two for the show and equally 'test the waters' to see if anyone would be interested in new music from them. If not, it's not a huge loss as they can say it was just done for the show.
    It would be great to see them on screen again as I always felt they had a lot of chemistry together.
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  5. I've always said they should have done this for thier reunion. S Club 7 were more famous for their TV Shows rather than their tours. This would have been the perfect accompaniment to that reunion.
  6. If not a series, at least a special.
  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I feel there'd be a risk of it coming across like a bunch of adults playing a high school musical
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  8. A scripted, tongue in cheek version of a Steps style reunion would be interesting and hilarious if done tastefully as a special. Play up solo careers going awry, Hannahs acting gigs, etc.

    Have an appearance by Linda Blair or Barry Williams as their respective characters being interviewed and dropping some hilarity.
  9. New record deal for Jo?
  10. Looking on their Instagram, it’s Sam Baileys label. (Grimace emoji)
  11. MB


    Yeah and they've clearly not got a professional creating imagery
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    The music video though...
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  13. Seeing Double deserved a completely different singles run

    Lead: Who do you think you are?
    2nd single (late november): Straight from the heart + Love ain't gonna wait for you (AA).
    -- Seeing Double early december release.
    3rd (early february):
    4th (early may): Let me sleep + Say goodbye (charity single) (AA).
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  14. Oh.
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  15. Iconic.
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  16. The hardest thing is to accept that, given the position, that Seeing Double won’t be getting a reissue on vinyl given that it is a bop of a record.
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  17. it’s not even on streaming on apple music netherlands. I need this bop of an album on my phone… a vinyl pressing of this record would be an instant buy for me.
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  18. It’s not on streaming in the US either. I shan’t know peace until my S Club playlist is complete.
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  19. Is it not just under S Club instead of S Club 7? I thought it was on US Apple Music.
  20. Definitely not on Spotify, not sure about Apple though.
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