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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Don’t think these have been posted before. Footage of Tina before S Club 7 days. In Shola Ama music video and TOTPS performance of “You’re The One I Love”

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  2. You're The One I Want basically birthed Baby One More Time.
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  3. Paul basically gets his own chapter in this book:


    He doesn't say much that he hasn't already blabbed in interviews, just talks about the intense work schedule, but kinda contradicts himself by saying he "wasn't trying anyway" when it came to the acting, because it didn't require much effort. The usual mixed-group lack of vocals complaints, and how management saw him as a troublemaker if he opened his mouth.
  4. apparently he is trying his hand at tarot reading? I’m a reader myself and found him on YouTube.
  5. I noticed on Discogs there are versions of “Show Me Your Colours” that show a length of 3:59, but on the Special Edition CD of “Sunshine” (and on Spotify) the length is 3:05. I know the sampler, Canadian release, and AUS show a length of 3:59. Is that just a typo or are is there an extended/alternate version of the song?
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  6. I believe it was always a typo. On my physical copy it says 3:59, but plays the 3:05 version.
  7. The only different length Show Me Your Colours that exists is 3:10 on the US Don't Stop Movin' album. I replaced my version on Sunshine with that version so that You doesn't slap me in the face as fast as the 3:05 version.
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  8. Hannah showed up in this video. It’s essentially just a promo piece for a new movie on Netflix. But I’d have been more interested in a longer doc about these ex popstars.

  9. It felt like Hannah said the least. But there’s probably legally things she can never discuss.

    The rest just felt like the Big Reunion interviews.
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  10. God, I would love to know the true story.
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  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    “In terms of forever being known as being part of S Club 7 (…) no it’s not a problem” really was the most positive note to end her interview on?
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  12. Hannah pretty much sang the least in the group so it was never surprising to hear she didn't really want to be a popstar. She was always usually the strongest in the acting too.
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  13. Do we think we might get the other albums on vinyl? It's nice to have Sunshine but... I much prefer their other albums.
  14. I think so. Sunshine seemed to do extremely well for HMV, so I wouldn’t be surprised if future releases were now being planned or discussed.
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  15. I’m hoping we get the rest in next years HMV day. But I have a gut feeling they might give us the first two and we’ll be left Seeing Double-less. Because of how it’s not migrated on streaming and doesn’t get great numbers.
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  16. Wasn't Dan the one who didn't sing in Northern Line and was just there for aesthetics? I'm pretty sure he was the one who turned up to replace one of Five and said as much.

    Also Nick Duerden's book isn't very interesting - it's 80% 70s/80s rock and indie names. There was one chapter on Paul Cattermole but everything it said was already in this thread!
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  17. I thought it was bad, but not this bad...
  18. Do It Til We Drop having less than 100 million streams seems homophobic.
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    Mvnl Staff Member

    Assuming those numbers are worldwide the album not being available (at least here) probably doesn't help
  20. I think it's getting forgotten as well. I wish they'd just migrate it with S Club 7. The fact that Love Aint Gonna Wait For You has almost 700,00 on S Club 7 - Best, but less than 85k on Seeing Double.
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