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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. I wonder if that's the next on their gonna add. I hope its the 2015 edition (it makes sense really) cause we need Rain on streaming
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  2. Do you mean the “Say Goodbye” With the saxophone on the cover like we have in the US? It’s just a fraud upload. Has nothing to do with them.
  3. Oh I know that - it’s clearly just a metadata mistake.
    No on ours, the album is gone but songs credited as S Club still show up on the “top songs bit”

    The full album appears on the S Club 7 page only

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  4. I wonder does Rain have a chance of being performed on tour since it's on BeSt.

    I'm just imagining lightning on the screens after them having previously disappeared from the stage and coming back to flicking lights. Or otherwise opening the set with "Do you remember when we said goodbye?" could work (might even be iconic).
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  5. We'd never get it but my ideal setlist would be:

    01. Rain
    02. So Right
    03. Our Time Has Come

    04. Bring It All Back (Extended Mix)
    05. S Club Party (Paul & Bradley's Remix)
    06. Alive
    07. Bring The House Down

    ("Got me dreaming, S Club feeling, got me dreaming, summertime feeling" playing while they're off stage)

    08. Natural (Spike Mix) [with the extended S Club Party live intro]
    09. You're My Number One (Miami 7 Mix)
    10. Stand By You
    11. Do It Till We Drop
    12. Have You Ever

    13. Two In A Million (2000 Mix)
    14. You (Single Mix)
    15. Show Me Your Colours

    ("C-L-U-B - place you wanna be" playing while they're off stage)

    16. Stronger
    17. Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You (Album Version)
    18. Never Had A Dream Come True
    19. Say Goodbye

    20. Reach
    21. Dance
    22. Don't Stop Movin'

    Not caring about solos, Paul's acoustic sets, or medleys.
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  6. I wouldnt mind a set roughly inspired by the idea behind Girls Aloud's Ten Tour by visiting eras one by one but combine it with a theme of revisiting the different TV series.

    Intro: Combination of scenes from all 4 series
    01. Bring It All Back
    02. S Club Party
    03. You're My Number One
    04. Viva La Fiesta
    05. Two In A Million
    Miami Interlude: Set to Our Time Has Come

    06. Bring The House Down
    07. Natural
    08. Love Train
    09. I'll Keep Waiting
    10. Never Had A Dream Come True
    L.A. Interlude: Set to I'll Be There

    11. You
    12. Stronger
    13. Have You Ever
    14. Show Me Your Colours
    15. Dance Dance Dance
    Hollywood Interlude: Set to Summertime Feeling

    16. Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You
    17. Do It Till We Drop
    18. Say Goodbye
    19. Who Do You Think You Are
    20. Alive
    Barcelona Interlude: Set to Rain

    21. Reach
    22. Don't Stop Movin'
  7. Just give me Let Me Sleep on the setlist.
  8. MB


  9. I’m good, but thanks!
  10. I was listening to Rain last night and it really was one of the best things to come out of the 2015 reunion. I kind of wish it had had some special treatment like a pre-release single, a lyric video or even a tour performance. So it would be good to have something like that this time or maybe another track from the vaults? I really wasn't feeling 'Family' but would be up for a new song if they could roll Cathy Dennis out to write one.
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  11. I just really wish they would do Our Time Has Come. They always seemed to be a big fan of it seeing as they did it on the first tour and then also wanted to do it for Carnival too but weren't allowed to.
  12. Always been a fav of mine.

    And a rare song where you can here each of thier voices. Jon sounds great on it. Always liked his voice.
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  13. I agree. I really hope this tour has more emphasis on album tracks. So many were heavily featured in the TV shows that fans are sure to at least recognise some.

    Wouldn’t mind if they knocked Say Goodbye off the setlist. Do the other 12 singles, 6/7 album tracks, a Rachel medley including So Good, an inevitable cover and hopefully a new song and I’m happy!
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  14. This is interesting, especially with how high they are on the billing… but not 7?

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  15. Isn’t Five only 3 or 2 members now? And they are first on that list.
  16. Yeah, things like this are throwing me a bit, along with Rachel's Hoopla sets.
    I guess they won't make any announcement until after summer then? Otherwise these dilutions of the band just kinda cheapen the 'comeback'.

    Having said that, we did just get those trademark filings for 'S Club 7' and 'S Club'. So surely they couldn't use that without Simon's approval?
  17. I feel like little things keep happening behind the scenes everyday, so I think an announcement is imminent, but if those rumours are to be believed, the tour wouldn't be till later in the year so Jo has more time to recover.

    Just normally they're billed as S Club Party or S Club Allstars and much lower down the list, but as @maneater83 said, Five aren't exactly a huge draw. And I remember on the last reunion, they stopped the whole S Club 2/3/whatever format from the moment it was announced until after the tour. I'll never forget seeing S Club 3 in Pontins literally 3 weeks after seeing them at the M.E.N. and just thinking...wow.
  18. I used to live in a shitty town called Ashton Under Lyne just outside of Manchester and Bradley & Tina performed at the local bingo hall - so I knew people who’d seen them at the Arena and then also gone to that!
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  19. I wonder if the stories about the reunion were put out there by Simon/19 to test the waters in terms of reaction and maybe even force the hand of any members who were hesitant. Like supposedly Jon was difficult to track down? Something is definitely happening behind the scenes as @kiokiokio mentioned so I think they are just slowly getting things in place to make an announcement a bit later in the year.
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  20. That is a place I never thought I would see mentioned on here.
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