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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Hannah clapped backkk!

  2. Crazy Ex Boyfriend.
  3. Wow - and they've chosen particularly unflattering pictures of him, considering in the group he was the best looking one.
  4. You do know Rachel Stevens was in S Club 7 right?
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  5. Welcome to real life.
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  6. I don't feel qualified to rank the girls. But even so, Tina > Rachel.
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  7. NOW Rachel>Tina>Hannah>Jon>Bradley>Jo>Paul
    THEN Rachel>Hannah>Bradley>Tina>Jon>Paul>Jo
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  8. Poor Tina being notched down a few places when she looks exactly the same as she did then.
  9. Yeah that's problematic.
    Also problematic: rating members on their looks.
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  10. They were all honestly very good looking back in 1999-2001.
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  11. Then: Rachel, Bradley, Tina, Paul, Hannah, Jo, Jon
    How well have they aged NOW: Rachel, Tina, Hannah, Jon, Jo, Bradley, Paul
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  12. So I take it we aren’t getting another S Club reunion?
  13. It's probably for the best.
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  14. I can imagine a horrible mix of S Club and the juniors under the S Club United banner.

    Obviously not including Rachel, Hannah, Jon, Hannah 2, Frankie, Rochelle or Calvin.
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  15. *in sing-song voice*

    "Aaaand the rest all here on Gillig....."
  16. I guess this makes a future reunion seem more unlikely.

    I'm really beginning to dislike Paul, they all seemed to have a mutual respect for each other without being best friends or anything and he's really pushing it off the realms of possible future reunions by recent behaviour. I think we're looking at just a S Club reunion in the future. That's fine by the way.
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  17. They already played the reunion card in 2015. They never were much of a touring act. I don't see much of a demand for them to reunite again 4 years later.
  18. Paul isn't essential at this point. Even though S Club were over looked, Seeing Double is a fantastic album and if they kept going they would have had that niche sound in terms of the likes of Don't Stop Movin', Alive, Dance. Sad they didn't get another album to push a more mature sound.
  19. I'm just glad we got

    Before all this drama kicked off. I listen to that track so much.
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  20. I wanted...
    A Greatest Hits CD with a 2nd disk of rarities
    Album boxset
    A live tour DVD BIAB 2015
    A new single for Children In Need
    A studio album full of original material with a maturer sound
    New TV series to promote the comeback

    What we got..
    A shoddy press conference
    A rehashed GH with just one new song
    No tour DVD, no new single, no new album, no new tv series

    Literally as little effort as possible for as much ££££ as possible. The CIN comeback performance was very decent though got to admit.Basically what Steps are doing right now is what I wanted.
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