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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Did the reunion tank? A friend of mine went and was very 'meh' about it all.
  2. Not so much tanked in terms of revenue, but in general.. absolutely. Apparently (from an extremely reliable source) the initial discussions held for the reunion didn't match that which then materialised, and once again, due to Simon Fuller owning the brand itself, the contract didn't necessarily bring the band out with a lot of income. Although tour tickets did do well, the overall profit was solely made on a much higher percentage to that of management and little went to the band.

    Ironically, the band, now twelve or so years on, were actually treated extremely similar to that when they first started. Exploited with not much to show from it. I'd been very shocked if we had any form of reunion whilst Simon Fuller still continues to hold the rights.

    It's a shame given what could have happened, from a planned tell-all documentary, to new material for the album, it never materialised due to Fuller and the fact that he was trying to protect his name, but also create a quick turnaround of profit with minimal effort required.

    The tour itself was extremely disappointed (bar the performance of "Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You".. what a
    M O M E N T!)
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  3. New material for what album? The greatest hits re-release? A tell-all documentary would have been so juicy and would have probably garnered more interest in the reunion from the general public.
  4. I loved the tour. I went to Birmingham and had so much fun. It looked a little low on budget I guess, but I thought it was excellent.
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  5. The whole argument that the band didn't make much money is sometimes over-exaggareted for me. There's seven of them so 7 x £600k = £4.2 million. So money was passed on to the band, Simon may have made lots more but that's not bad for four years! Some of them were wiser with this money than others.

    The tour sold around about 100k-200k tickets and it wasn't as successful as it could have been but it wasn't bad by any means..

    I wonder how the management deal with S Club 3, I presume they have to contractually pass some money on to Simon Fuller? Blue did have that issue when reuniting and said thats what made them bankrupt!?
  6. How is it over-exaggerated?

    600k per member across four years, given their working schedule and what they actually produced in terms of money is incredibly low. Obviously it is more some of us can only dream of owning, hence why I think you say it is over-exaggareted, but for people who were bringing in revenue from platinum albums, six figure deals from Pepsi, and sponsorship offers, 600k across four years is extremely low.

    Given that they made, allegedly, over £75 million in revenue as S Club, to come out with 600k over the four years is shocking. So you're right, yes money was passed onto the band.. at a rate of £150,000 per year.. given overall they made around £70-75 million, I think it's clear they were exploited to an inch of their life!

  7. One of the most fun shows I've been to. Pure ephoria.
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  8. What was the original plan?

    As far as reunions go it was... quite sad.
  9. In fairness, they didn't make any money from the comeback. It was very weird to be honest. For something that was a blatant attempt at a cash in, they didn't come away with much.
  10. A local tour promoter made the offer for a few gigs, they accepted, and it happened.
    It was hardly 2007 Spice levels of hyped / work put it.
  11. [​IMG]
    It was a arena tour at the end of the day and i dont think that 2 nights at the O2 (capacity 18,000 first night sold out), Manchester Arena (capacity 21,000) constitute just 'a few gigs' ! It was a proper tour, albeit a 12-dates one and i am pretty certain my estimation they sold 100,000-200,000 tour tickets? It should have been huger, i mean they were bigger than Steps in the day and they are shifting twice as many tickets!

    I think where they failed for me was their inability to bring the S Club brand to relevance in 2015 which Steps have managed to do very well but they didn't nor tried to. A maturer sound with a proper comeback single could have really worked - like a Don't Stop Movin II and i'm sure if they really wanted to they could have done the Children In Need single that year due to their history with the charity.
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  12. They obviously didn't have a team for more than the tour. I'm pretty sure the CIN performance and everything extra was arranged by the small tour company.
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  13. The Children in Need performance they did was brilliant and really set the tone for we're reuniting but they should have also released a new single too.

    Rachel and Hannah didn't seem to want to do much more than the tour was the impression I got. Jon didn't seem that fussed considering he's had some success in the West End and the rest were desperate enough to say No. I blame 19. They f*cked up the Spice Girls reunion and then the S Club 7 too. I just can't forgive no tour DVD being released for both. Still hurts.Maybe they must have been scared of damaging the S Club brand by releasing a single and it flopping just like Headlines did?
  14. They were not.
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  15. Globally sis. They were.
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  16. Did anyone mention globally sis? No.
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  17. I wouldn't necessarily say Steps were on let's say, another level compared to S Club. Steps were bigger in their heyday but not by a huge margin.
  18. I'd say they were equal in the UK - to my eyes, who was an adult back then and very into UK pop (had videotaped shows sent to me, bought all the pop mags, all the albums etc).

    Steps were indeed huge but S Club also had the TV show and felt more 'polished'.
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  19. I'd say they were more or less equal.

    S Club's singles charted higher in general, but Steps had massive sell-out tours (and toured a lot), I think their albums also may have done better as well.

    Considering both were mixed-gender pop groups, they really were quite different.
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  20. Steps sold more albums in the UK than S Club 7 did
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