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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. I lived both eras and I'd definitely say Steps had the edge over S Club 7 in the UK.

    If S Club had split a year or two earlier when still seven I think their split may have mirrored the shock factor of Steps Boxing Day 2001 split but alas I felt the fans were as ready for S Club to split as the members were by the time of Say Goodbye.
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  2. Singles: S Club 7 all went Top 5 in UK thats 9 and actually most were platinum sellers. Steps now also had a lot of Top 5 charters but they definitely didn't go platinum most are only silver/gold. The S Club singles were bigger internationally also than Steps.

    Album: S club 7 have more multi-platinum certifications here. Pretty much equal on this both have a few million seller albums but Steps never had one flop where as 'Seeing Double' did.

    Live touring: no denying Steps sold more live tickets but S Club 7 did well here also.

    For me as a 90's child it felt both were fairly massive but then again I am biased, I never liked Steps but I like them now...I'd say S Club 7 achieved more in a shorter time frame their TV Shows were huge internationally but a largely insignificant member leaving affected their brand didn't make them split but the 'Seeing Double' era being underwhelming did. In comparison, Steps could have continued being massive had two members not decided to call it quits. But all credit to Steps they've made themselves relevant in 2017 which is no small feat.
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  3. No they weren't Sclub's tours were never as big as Steps' "back in the day". Steps sold over 1million concert tickets with their 3rd tour... They did 5 30+ date arena tours in 3 years. Sclub did 2 and one with the Juniors.

    Sclub did 3 nights at Wembley one month after Steps did like 6?
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  4. See above. Live tickets and touring yes Steps win but not on other accounts.
  5. Steps had 4 years of strength as a group from late 97 to late 2001

    S Club 7 started waning when Paul left in early 2002 and left on a bit of a whimper with the fourth album selling a fraction of what the others did.

    They both lasted about 4 years as active pop bands but Steps never waned.
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  6. Steps were bigger end of
  7. Just a heads up that Steps reunion tour actually sold on nostalgia alone. (18 more dates in fact)
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  8. They both have their plus and negatives. Both had probably an equal share of in-band drama as well. But where they both really shined was completely different. Steps was most definitely a "British live act" that was must see where as S Club had the international angle thanks to the TV show.
  9. HRH


    Both bands were very successful, but I think Steps had more impact re: the "general public". Their charting history had (slightly) more ups and downs, but good luck going to a wedding/dance/event between 1998-2002 and not hearing "Tragedy".
  10. And Don't Stop Moving?
  11. I love Don't Stop Movin' - but not the radio/album version - way too slow. Jewels & Stone or Pants & Corset mixes only.
  12. S Club had the edge - thanks in part to an undeniable banger off each album and initial exposure due to the TV show. But while they were off filming and doing lots of international promo, Steps were promoting round the country and appearing on TV releasing 3 more (TOP 5 CHARTING) singles off of each of their albums - compared to S Club's usual 2 or 3.

    Steps really worked on establishing their brand and by the time Gold came out they were absolutely the top pop band of that time. They had way more people parting with £20+ tickets despite the media always trying to bring them down for miming too.
  13. Love S Club but also Steps are the better vocalists - S Club being the better dancers ironically..
  14. Can we just end this discussion and agree S Club 7 had flawless b-sides...

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  15. Dangerous is where it’s at. I have a soft spot for Special Kind Of Something, though it was tainted a bit when I found it was a Kavana cover.
  16. I'll go ahead and say S Club (especially in the latter half of their run) had more cohesive albums.... at least to me.
  17. S Club definitely had the better b-sides of the two groups. #LittleVictories
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  18. Not with "Bittersweet" and "Stop Me From Loving You".
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  19. And Just Like the First Time!
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  20. S Club released an onslaught of bops.
    Steps released cheap, kitschy eurotrash.

    That said, I say this as someone from the US who was very familiar with the S Club output as it was released but only knew of Steps by name until a few years ago.
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