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S Club 7

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JuanXitoSpears, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. It is quite ballad cantered by nice ones regardless and it's mostly original songs not covers.
  2. Most live performances on tv her vocals were off ,great singer but it just seemed off for some reason maybe nervousness
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  3. I quite like the songs where Jo is absent from the chorus. S Club Party, Two In A Million, You, Reach, You, Sunshine, etc. She was great, but they needed a little less from her.

    Family isn't bad. I'm glad they have no plans as a trio to do an album.
  4. The Children in Needs performance she said she was so nervous and that's why her voice was off. I haven't seen anything else to be honest.
  5. I'd definitely check these out

  6. They were just on singing at the end of Loose Women.
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  7. I never thought that much of Jo's voice back in the day. She's fine within the group, but compared to some other warblers of the same era her vocals were quite plaintive.
  8. I was at the reunion, I'm saying promotional performances. I thought she did great at the reunion.
  9. Family is on Spotify, Amazon, and GooglePlay now. It's under SC3.
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  10. SC3 miming to a 17 year old S Club 7 vocal on Loose Women! Weird.
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  12. The reason they mimed to the 17-year-old S Club 7 backing track was because SC3 came prepped with the instrumental but Jo was too ill to sing it live and they didn't have a backup plan, so a runner had to go out and get hold of the original S Club 7 version for them to mime to.

    Also Tina was wearing her original jacket from the Never Had A Dream Come True video. Iconic Tina.
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  13. Did this song chart at all?
  14. Are you secretly Tina?
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  15. Rachel was S club 7 :)
  16. Several people in my extended family have spoken to me about the S Club 3 reunion. I've had to educate them about the fact that it isn't something particularly new.
  17. Hannah tweeted about selling her stuff earlier too.
  18. Hopefully the money helps him get back on his feet. Some very decent bids there.
  19. Will be very interested to see what it ends on.
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